What is Wrong With Us?!?

This is going to be about all the weird things that my friends do and what weird things happen in my school. Which is almost everything! I will normally update Monday through Friday (unless we don't have school) and maybe on the weekends if I see my friends. Some of these things might seem made up but all of this is really my life believe or not!


5. Connor, Colten and Liam

Author's Note

Sorry I have not updated my internet has been acting up since Hurricane Sandy.

So, a couple weeks ago I went to my friends birthday party and if you know middle schoolers or are one you know we are REALLY weird! Well we were eating dinner Connor and my friend Becca were messing around and Connor hit Becca's face and said "oh, no now I'm going to jail!" Than he ran and tried to open the door but failed. What happened is he ran into the door and it did not open. Latter this kid Liam was messing around and ran into the door and fell on the floor and started to say "call 911, call 911 help help!" Colten another kid jumped out of his seat and said "Liam, man you smudged the door!" Than Sarah (this was her birthday party) said "is the door OK?!?"

Author's Note

There is more to Sarah's party to come but, my internet is still acting a bit goofy!

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