What is Wrong With Us?!?

This is going to be about all the weird things that my friends do and what weird things happen in my school. Which is almost everything! I will normally update Monday through Friday (unless we don't have school) and maybe on the weekends if I see my friends. Some of these things might seem made up but all of this is really my life believe or not!


4. Band

Today nothing amazing happened but Connor and I had a strange conversation. First let me tell you about our complicated relationship. During lunch, period 5/6 and gym we cannot have a conversation, without insulting each other but, during band we talk like normal people (OK with the occasional insult!). Well he was telling me that he cannot wait until one of his baby teeth falls out so this led to a discussion bout how to make it fall out. He said to do the classic tie it to a door nob. Than I said that that is the boring way and than we started brain storming on creative ways to get out his tooth. My two was were to get a hammer and hit his tooth until it came out or to tie it to my tractor and than I would drive very fast but, he said no that would "hurt". Than he decided to just wait until it came out.

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