What is Wrong With Us?!?

This is going to be about all the weird things that my friends do and what weird things happen in my school. Which is almost everything! I will normally update Monday through Friday (unless we don't have school) and maybe on the weekends if I see my friends. Some of these things might seem made up but all of this is really my life believe or not!


3. A "Special" Visitor

In lunch each class has two tables and most classes has there tables divided into sections. The group I sit with is normally Natalie, a girl named Tori, a girl named Raven, a boy named Mark and a boy who I have known since 2nd grade named Connor. My tables are really close to a door that leads outside and today they decide to leave it open. Tori had cooked apples with cinnamon on them. Than a way to friendly yellow jacket decides to pay us a visit. It lands on Tori's apples. she looks down about to put her hand right on this giant yellow jacket she screams when she sees it. Tori flips out of her seat, Raven fly's off her seat, everyone at the table scoot to the vary edge and during all of this Natalie and I are just laughing!

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