diary is a history. Its more than story . Luna is a girl who love writing diary , and she write everything on it.
One day , Luna caught her mother kiss someone in Mall. And she try to find out.


1. Mom give me a diary

                             "  hei, Luna. It's sunday,  hun"

03 april 2006

                          Mom look happy today. I don't know what make her happy. My step Father not here until next week. And i m sure its not reason why mom so happy.

                         She wake me up and give me a book. Its not just book. Mom give me Diary. I often see her writing on her diary. I love writing diary too.  Diary is more than story. And you won't fear your embrashing story will get publish. Sometimes its better than friendship.

                         " What wrong with sunday?"

                        " Its beautifull day and you should not just lying on bed all day"

                        Well it's sunday so what i have to do in sunday, then? I grinned look at the blue diary. I am going to shower and wearing my favourite t-shirt and jeans. Not really bad.

                        Mom look different now. She's not really like make up but she's so beautifull. She's preparing breakfast so rush.

                       " So what are you doing for today?"

                       " hanging out with Putri, going to mall "

                       " Ok, don't come home late "

                      " Mom, why are u so pretty "

                      " Like normally "

                      I laugh when she said that. I hold my new diary, and i know. Its mistery and i should find out

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