marshall and misery-the main characters are trapped inside a mirror and they cant get out...
its amazing i want it to be published when i get older...


3. Wedded Or Be headed?

Maria was back within a few seconds with blood on her hands

"The bad deed is done Marshall and now its time for it to happen to you!" Maria wasn't a sweet, innocent ghost any more. She was  the devil and now she always will be.

Just before Maria could strike and kill Marshall, Misery appeared after killing and stood in front of him, she was risking her life for him. Blood and guts splashed all over, but Misery was still standing. More importantly Misery loved him. She had only half a body now but Marshall didn't care, he loved her so, in front of Maria, Marshall pulled the ring that he gave to Maria out and said

"Misery, will you marry me?" Misery was shocked and amazed at he same time,

"Ye-Yes!!!" She answered, but before anything else could happen, Maria gave an ear piercing scream and broke up into pieces and disappeared, blood was all over and they were safe once more. But then Marshall had a thought, Misery's dead, I can't be with her, unless I die, or kill my self.

Marshall climbed out of the mirror, put a cover over it. He found a rope, climbed out the window and hung himself.  


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