marshall and misery-the main characters are trapped inside a mirror and they cant get out...
its amazing i want it to be published when i get older...


2. The Underworld

"Why have you brought me here Misery?" Marshall questioned.

"I need you to see that your wife, didn't exactly go to heaven." Just as        Misery spoke a woman, dressed in black and red appeared. Marshall's wife.

"Marshall? Is that really you? Oh my days, it is you, I hate for you to see me like this,

"Like what? Oh Angel Iv'e finally found you.  I'll never let you go, ever again." As he spoke Maria suddenly changed, she wasn't herself any more. She was the devil...

Misery was telling the truth, she wasn't an angel after all. The woman suddenly disappeared and at the same time, so did Misery. She was walking through the streets, killing every person that Marshall had ever loved, leaving his fiance 'till last. These are the ways they died:- Lucy= hung     Lilly= slit in the throat    Molly= diced up into pieces    Marshall's girlfriend Alex= slaughtered.    

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