marshall and misery-the main characters are trapped inside a mirror and they cant get out...
its amazing i want it to be published when i get older...


1. The Mirror

It was 1982 and it was dark, it had always been that way. Cold, damp,dark. She was gone, her, the girl in the mirror. Misery.

2 years earlier...

He couldn't stop writing, (Professor Marshall that is), he was writing a book based on a vampire called Elizabeth Swan and a shapeshifter called Jacob Black, and about how they fall in love. But Bella finds someone new and discovers she is pregnant with a half breed. After writing a significant amount, he decided to go and splash water on his face. Bad idea. She was there, Misery. 

"Arrrrgggghhhh!" Marshall screamed. "Who, who are you?" But before she could answer Marshall did for her,"Wait, I know you, your the one who, who murdered my parents."Marshall was confused. Misery nodded slowly.

Misery had black,curly hair and cheeks as soft as rose petals, she was wearing a short dress and a headband with a huge red bow. But Marshall could see a white patch. It wasn't red, it was white and the red was blood.

"Come master. We go now," Misery spoke in an alien like voice and gestured to the mirror.

"Where? I'm not getting in that mirror."

"To the underworld. And yes you are." Before Marshall could say anything he was in the mirror and then in the underworld. It looked like death its self; Scarlet red, disgusting, dead...

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