Tatum has never had much luck when it came to people. In the course of three years, she's lost her best friends, her father, and her sister. But maybe this year, things will be different. Maybe this year, she will meet someone who will help change her perspective.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

"Take it from the top!" Tatum instructed the four boys in front of her, glancing over at the sheet of paper in her hands. Written across it was lyrics to the song, Wake Up, It's Summer! "You guys are messing up the chorus over and over again."

Tommy sighed loudly into his microphone while Parker hit him across the shoulder. "Ouch. Watch it, bro." He gave the older boy a firm look.

"Stop being annoying then and concentrate on the song," Parker shot back, rolling his eyes as he strung a random chord on his guitar.

"We will never get anywhere with this video if you all don't cooperate," Tatum warned, her eyes jumping from one boy to the next. "This is important. Remember that."

Nodding their heads at their manager, OSG began once again:

It's Saturday night

don't know what you've been hopin'

I just want to party

let it all go

there's strangers in the house

drinks all around

I think the camera just flashed

the sober are all out

Wake up, it's summer

tell everyone you know

because no matter what you do

this summer's what matters

with you, baby,

the summer's all that matters

with you, oh, oh, oh

They continued with the song, playing it all the way through. Tatum sat back and smiled, crossing her arms in contentment. She knew what these four boys had the ability to do, all they needed to get to the top was to embrace it. They just lacked confidence, is all. Which was not difficult to accomplish, but would take some extra work…on her part as well as theirs. But she believed in them, no matter what, and that's what counted the most. Tatum knew first hand what it felt like to not be trusted and cared about, and she did not want what happened to her, to happen to her band. They deserved the world and that's what she was willing to get for them.


"Jared!" Louis banged on the door of their manager's suite. "Open the door!"

A few seconds later, the cream coloured hotel door swung unlocked to reveal a tired looking man standing at the steps. He was unshaven and his eyes were filled with lack of sleep. Seemed to the boys that he had not dozed off well last night. When the lads got home from their adventure yesterday, which consisted of only roaming the streets of Sydney for countless hours, they went straight to bed knowing Jared would not want to hear anything they had to say because they had a lot.

But now was their chance.

"What is it, Louis?" Jared asked, weariness stringed in his voice. "I'm kind of busy at the moment…"

Louis stepped past the man, bringing inside with him his four band mates, all eager to discuss what they wanted to with their thoughtful manger. Jared, rolling his eyes and giving up on the fact that these boys were not about to let him be, shut the door behind them and had them follow him to his personal living room where they all plopped down onto the sofa with a thud.

"Care to tell me what you want to talk about?"

"We met some people," Harry piped up, glancing at his friends. "Yesterday, at the ice-cream shop, a group of four lads came in. They're a part of some local band around here, quite famous too, apparently."

"They have loads of talent," Liam put in. "We looked them up on Youtube yesterday when we got back. Their music is quite catchy and the girls around here love them."

Jared seemed to think about this for a second. He had an idea of what the boys were getting at, but only a full question would give him his answer.

"What are you proposing I do?"

"Meet with them," Zayn replied. "Trust us, they deserve to be better known. We don't want to push you, but at least meet them once."

Jared sighed. "How do I know this band is as good as you say they are? I can't just meet with every musician you throw at me, boys."

Niall nodded. "We know that, Jare. The only thing we can honestly say is believe us."

Louis suddenly put his thoughts in. "Plus, they're manager is a final year high school student. She manages Old School Groove by herself. How many girls do you know of that have the stamina to do something like this? They have to be far past decent if she's stuck with them for so long. Apparently it's been three years."

"They're called Old School Groove?"

All five boys nodded.

Jared got up, a sign that they should too. "Look, I will think about it and let you know. Do you have their numbers?"

They nodded in unison once again.

"Great. Leave it with me and I will see what I can do, alright?"

So that is exactly what they did. After One Direction left their manager's suite, they decided to hit the beach. It was a brilliant day outside and they were in Australia, after all. Why not soak up some sun while they were here? Maybe even catch a few waves? Englandwas not exactly the epitome of crystal blue beaches and hurdling waves just waiting to be ridden. If they had the opportunity to have some fun down under, they were going to make each and every day count.


"Mum, will you come watch the boys perform tonight?" Tatum asked her mother quietly as the brown haired woman sat having tea.

She looked up from her daily newspaper with a frown. "Oh, honey, I wish I could, but I have over fifty essays to mark. But I hope the best for all of you. I know how hard you have been working with them and I even took some time out to listen to the music and watch the videos. These boys will make it big one day, Tatum."

Tatum smiled, her toes curling as she sat cross-legged in front of her mother. "I really hope so, Mum. They are working so hard, I just want everything to work out in the end."

"And it will, just you watch." Her mum reassured her, leaning over to peck her forehead quickly and then get up to go to the kitchen were she stirred the pot for dinner. "I'm leaving dinner for you and Tess, so make sure you get plenty to eat before you head out tonight."

Standing on her own two feet as well, Tatum replied, "I will," and ran off to her bedroom to pick out her clothes for the night's show.

OSG was performing a couple of their songs including Justified Popstar, Make it Real, Nevermind You, and Wake Up, It's Summer! for a local gig at the open concert hall downtown. The place had booked them only last week, which did not give them much time to rehearse to perfection, but it was better than nothing at all. Every chance they got to perform and showcase their music brought them a little bit closer to achieving their dream.

As Tatum ran her hands through her closet, searching for a suitable dress to wear. When she finally caught the cloth of a ribbon lace dress, she immediately pulled it out to examine it. It had a cream lace upper and a chiffon floral skirt that was finished with a purple mock suede waist belt. It was one of her favourites, yet she would never admit that to Tess. It was her older sister who had given it to her in the first place. The day Tess found out she had been accepted at MarylandHughesUniversity, she was ecstatic. So in celebration, she took her baby sister out to the shopping mall and bought her whatever she had the money for, which of course was the last dress in the store. At the time, Tatum had no idea what her sister was up to. The amount of havoc that existed behind the lines. It took just a simple party for her to figure things out and realize there was another secret life that Tess was living, one that she was not willing to share with everyone. That is when Tatum understood what needed to be done. And she did it.

But now Tess hated the air Tatum breathed.

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