Tatum has never had much luck when it came to people. In the course of three years, she's lost her best friends, her father, and her sister. But maybe this year, things will be different. Maybe this year, she will meet someone who will help change her perspective.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Walking down the narrow corridor of her school, Tatum hurried towards the exit. While everyone else was excited for the last Friday before summer vacation, she was worried about getting to Parker's house in time. Apparently, their new music video had reached over 500,000 views on Youtube. Pure happiness flowed throughout her when she received the news via text message. Now all that was left to do was see it for herself. Just as Tatum was about to push open the door and walk out into the humid Australian air, a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned around urgently, ready to tell the person, whoever they were, that she was in a rush.

"Hey, Tatum," a blonde haired boy by the name of Jason greeted. "I'm glad I caught you before you left."

She returned his charming smile with one of her own that wasn't as charming. She liked Jason enough, actually, he had been her crush last year, but right now, she couldn't be bothered with anyone. Especially old crushes. "Uh, hi Jason. I'm really sorry, but I'm kind of in a hurry and I have to go--"

He put his hands up in the air, grinning. "Whoa, don't let me stop you. I just wanted to congratulate you and the band on the success. They sound better and better every passing day. You're doing a great job."

This time, Tatum did smile for real. No one passes up a chance to get appreciated. "Thank you. But it's not all me. They work really hard."

"I can tell," he replied, "now go on, I don't want you to be late for whatever it is that you're chasing."

Waving a quick goodbye in her direction, Jason turned around and walked back to where he had come from. Tatum shrugged and ran off towards Elliot's waiting car. He unlocked the doors and she hopped in. Within minutes, they arrived at Parker's house. Denver and Tommy were already present, strewn lazily across Parker's big bed. They seemed to be having a thumb war.

"Okay, we're here!" Elliot announced, running through the bedroom door with Tatum by his side.

Parker grinned and set everyone down at the edge of his bed where they all had a clear view of his old computer. He had been meaning to get a new one, but whenever he thought about it, the money situation made him trash that idea as soon as it surfaced. The screen flickered on and Parker typed in their band's name on the Youtube search. Sure enough, the first video was the one for Wake Up! It's Summer. They all leaned in closer, as if they didn't already have a good enough view. They were just really excited. Parker opened up the video and sure enough, right under it, was the big numbers that had them all in a twist for the past few hours.

"Oh my God," Tatum exclaimed, grinning wildly. "This is big. This is huge. This is massive!"

"This is amazing," Denver added, blinking a few times to make sure this was real. "We've never gotten that many views before. Ever."

"Check where the views are all from!" Elliot said, making Parker do just that.

They all leaned in a bit closer. Any more, and they were sure to fall off the edge. But it is not as if they would care. They were much to engrossed with the fact in front of them.

"A lot of them are from around Australia, some from the UK and...America, too." Parker recalled, reading off the screen. "Actually, there are a lot from America."

"Read the comments," Tommy began jumping up and down. "Read all of them."

Parker shook his head. "There are hundreds! We'll be here all afternoon reading them."

"That's okay, it's not like we have anything better to do." Tommy replied, glancing at his friends. "Right? You are all just going to go home. We might as well..."

"Fine," Parker surrendered, noting the looks off the others in his room.

So began an entire afternoon of reading both lovely comments and then some not so lovely. Although, OSG along with their manager did their absolute best to overlook the hate. Everyone wanting to make it anywhere in the music industry knows that where there is love there is also hate. Some people will appreciate the music and others will not. They just needed to embrace that idea and live with it. Besides, the views made up for it. As they read through the comments, the number of people watching only grew in number.


"Niall, lad, get your Irish arse over here!" Louis yelled for his band mate who was stuffing his face in the kitchen. "Don't you want to see it too?"

"See what?" Niall asked, his mouth overflowing with brownies. He didn't receive a reply so he popped the last desert into his mouth and walked out into the lounge room where his friends were sitting around peering over a screen. "What are you watching?"

Harry looked up at him. "That band we met. Their new music video is out."

Instantly, Niall scrambled to join them on the couch. He had to force Zayn to move to make enough room for him as they were literally on top of each other trying to get a better look. Although they would never admit it, the boys themselves could act like quite the fangirls. Or fanboys. The day Niall met Justin Bieber, face-to-face since the little meet at the X Factor in 2010, he couldn't stop smiling for two straight days. He screamed in his room at the reality of it and told everyone he could about it. For an entire week, it was 'I met Justin Bieber!' 'Oh my God, I met the Biebs!' 'Feels so good to be a Belieber!' and much more. It was quite obvious who was most obsessed with musical talent in the band. No one dared to recall the time he met Michael Buble. That was just unthinkable.

"You think their manager will be in it? Oh, what was her name again?" Louis wondered aloud.

"Tatum," Niall replied, smiling at the thought of the girl. "And I don't think so. She's just their--"

"No, look, she's right there!" Harry exclaimed suddenly, pointing his lean finger at the screen. "Wow, she looks fit."

The boys swatted him on the arm.

"What?" He asked innocently. "Just speaking the truth."

Although none of the boys could deny Harry's bold statement. She really was very pretty. With her long blonde hair that went past her shoulders, her electrifying green eyes and gorgeous smile, she was something to look at. Niall could not explain, but just seeing her through the computer screen made goose bumps arise on his arms. He was drawn to this girl, he knew that. He wanted to get to know her, even if it was just for a little while.


"It's ringing," Jared told the boys, taking his phone off his ear for just a second.

The boys all nodded and waited. It was late in the evening and Jared finally agreed to give OSG a call. Everyone was sat around in the boys' suite, some mumching on crisps while others were on their personal phones. Finally, after what seemed like a million years, someone picked up at the end of the line.

"Hello?" They asked. Jared smiled at the boys to let them know it was a go.

"Hello, uh, is this Elliot?" Jared asked, feeling hesitant. "Elliot Samuels?"

There was a pause and Jared thought they had gotten the wrong number.

"Yes, this is him. Who are you?" The boy replied, feeling queasy. If there was one thing he hated, it was telemarketers. Plus, he was busy working on OSG's next song, he didn't have time for them right now.

"Hi, Elliot. My name's Jared Cartwright." The older man said into the phone. "This may be a bit out of the blue, but I believe you met a couple of boys in a band at an ice-cream shop the other day? The boys from One Direction?"

Elliot's breath caught in his throat. How did this man know about that? Nobody but his friends knew and he made them swear not to tell anyone else.

"Um, yes, yes I did. But how did you know?"

"I'm their manager." Jared explained. "The boys tell me you and your band are quite the musical talent. I got the chance to watch your music videos today, and might I say, I'm very impressed. I was hoping to actually get the chance to meet all four, er, five of you. Including your manager, of course."

Elliot's ears were bright red and his heart was racing. This could not be happening. This was…this was absolutely insane! After a few seconds, Eli realized he hadn't said anything back to Jared and quickly stuttered into the phone, completely gob smacked.

"Y-yeah, sure! We'd love to meet you." Elliot grinned. "Where and when?"

Jared gave the boys a thumb up and they all hooted in the background. The man smiled and shook his head. These lads really were something.

"We are staying at the Vantor Hotel. I can get one of the boys to text you the rest of the details about time and date. Be sure to tell the rest of your band mates. I'm looking forward to meeting you."

"Me too." Elliot said and clicked off after saying goodbye.

He sat back in his study chair. Running a hand through his hair, a million thoughts boggled his mind. He knew it was one thing to meet One Direction themselves, but for their manager to lend a land in their success? It was the greatest possible thing he could have ever imagined. Quickly, he dialed Tatum's number to let her know the brilliant news.

She picked up after three rings.


Elliot didn't even stop to greet her. "Tatum, you are never going to believe who I just got off the phone with."

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