Love Behind the Scenes

When a Justin is sent to a school to perform all he thought was a crowd of screaming girls. But when he meets one girl he knows she is different. But how different is she really? Zadeyn seems like your normal everyday girl but something about her makes her different, makes her stronger but also makes her weaker. Will Justin find out her big secret? Will she even tell anyone?


6. What Goes Down Must Go Up

Justin's P.O.V

I coudlnt believe what just happened. As soon as she ran off Bella came to comfort me but i shock her away and left. I know she didnt think that she was special and that this was a joke at the start but i was sure i proved her wrong, i was sure i did everything to show her how much she meant. But knowing she lied to me, knowing she kept something that effect her life from me, it broke my heart. I sat in the park and i cried, i cant loose her i just can't, there has to be a way to save this relationship. Maybe she just thought i would judge her? Maybe she was just embaressed? I just need to think of the positive, i just need to think she does care like i do. I dont knwo which hurts more, knowing she kept that from me or not being there to hug her while she cries. My heart aches and i just need her here, i just need to be with her and i always will, i love her. A thought sprung into my midn and i rushed home, i just hope it will work.

It was now 9pm adn i was finally done, now i just need to see Zayden. As i pulled up to her house, i placed my head on the steerign wheel and just prayed that this would work. I slowly got out and walked ot the front door. I knocked and i heared some talkign then i heard foot steps. My stomach filled with butterlies, my nerves were gettign the best of me. The door opened and i froze, why does she have this effect on me? She looked at me and went to shut the door, i placed my foot so it couldn't shut. "Justin just go please." She said looking at the ground. "Zayden please let me just talk to you." I begged wanting her to look at me. "One minute." She mumbled stepping out and shuttign the door. "Zayden i need you to look at me." I begged, if she didnt it wouldnt work but i needed it too.  A smile grew on my face when she looked up. I qucikly snapped back to reality. I took a deep breath and did everythign i remembered that i looekd up, i started sign language. 'please forgive me, i'm sorry.' I looked at Zayden for a reply, i hope i got it right. "You know sign language?" Zayden asked shocked. i shock my head no. "I learnt it this afternoon well some of it, here." I started again. 'i want to give yo usomething.' Zayden smiled and nodded. I reached for my back pocket and pulled out my special gift. I gave it to Zayden and she gasped. "Justin i cant let you." She said, i coudl see tears forming in her eyes. That was when i knew i had done it, i did it right. "Zayden you need it and what you need is what i need." I said stepping forward and looking into her eyes. "Justin I'm so sorry." She said as a tear feel down her cheek. I wipped it away. "Dont be sorry." i replied. "But i cant take this Justin." She said pushing it into my chest. "You need it Zayden, you adn i bot hknwo you wont be able to aford one. Its a hearing aid, its not somethign i need, but you do, so there is no point giving it back to me." I said gently pushing it her hand back. "Thank you." She said looking down at it. "Zayden!" my head turned to the house. "One minutes Kira." Zayden yelled back. "Before i go i just want to say im so sorry Justin, i understand if you dont want to do this anymore." she wasnt looking at me, she was looking at the ground. I gently lifted her head up so she was looking at me. "Zayden, would i have done this if i didnt want us to be together? No, thats the anwer. I dont want to loose you." Before she could says anything i kissed her, more passionate then ever before. She was hesitant at first but soon kissed back making me smile. "I'll talk to you soon." Zaydne said while walking towards the door. "Bye Zayden." "Bye." As the door shut i couldnt be happier. It worked, it actually worked. I cant believe i just did  that for a girl. Wait not a girl, Zayden, the most amazing girl i know. Its funny how a few horus ago i was crying my eyes out becasue of her and now i coudlnt get the smile off my face. Nothing can seperate us, well at least i hope.

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