Love Behind the Scenes

When a Justin is sent to a school to perform all he thought was a crowd of screaming girls. But when he meets one girl he knows she is different. But how different is she really? Zadeyn seems like your normal everyday girl but something about her makes her different, makes her stronger but also makes her weaker. Will Justin find out her big secret? Will she even tell anyone?


4. What Best Friends are For

The buzzer went off. I shut off the vibration and sat up groggily. "What to wear today? " I asked myself. Something nice for justin maybe?? I grabbed a pair or jeans and threw on a black v-neck aeropostal shirt along with my black worn out converse. I places in my hearing aides and covered them with my hair like I always did. Kira was eating her cereal when I walked down to the kitchen- dinning room. I smiled at her as I grabbed an apple off of the counter. I was too exited to eat. For once in my life Iowa's actually looking forward to school. I hurried Kira up and made sure we had everything before heading off to school. When I arrived in home room I found an unhappy Bella awaiting me. "Why didn't you answer me last night?! I Imed you 8 times!" I shrugged. I thought it best not to tell anyone about me and Justin until we were official. "Well whatever... Justin Bieber is here today... how do j look?? " she asked. I glanced at her outfit "umm very uhhh exposed I guess..." she es wearing a tight low collared shirt that barely passed her belly button. Her skirt was cute and quirky. She had on lots of makeup.. I hated to admit this but she looked like a model. "But you look nice..Justin Outta spot you out right away" I replied. "Perfect" she smiled. "And with yoga standing by me he'll only be looking at me" she continued. I couldn't help but to giggle. She didn't hear it. For some reason class was harder to keep up with today.. I anxiously waited for the assembly bell to ring. I kept staring at the clock ignoring any notes. The kid behind me tapped me and pointed to Mr. Martin. " ZADEYN...what's the answer?" He asked. "Umm repeat the question please? ?" She asked. Mr.Martin sighed. "Of the resultant of a substitution is negative, what is the answrr??" He repeated. "The component does not exist??" I answered. "Lucky guess now pay attention to class please" Mr. Martin groaned as he turned back to the board. i let out a silent sigh of relief. 

a few minutes passed by and finally the bell rang. i hesitated before getting out of my seat and following everyone out the door. i threw my stuff into my locker as Bella walked up beside me. she pinched my sides and i let out a surprised squeal. we both laughed. "sit with me okay?" she asked but it was more like a demand seeing as though i had no other choice. i nodded and shut my locker. she pulled me past the crowd of screaming girls and cut the line, surprisingly nobody noticed.we got to the front and sat towards the middle of the stage. bella fixed her hair and tugged down on her shirt. i sighed and leaned my head on my hand as i rested my elbow on the armrest. bella smiled wide. "he is going to see me and fall in love i can feel it already" she smiled as she whispered to herself. 

     after about half an hour, everyone was settled in and in their seats. the lights dimmed as the stage lit up. the curtain remained closed. Mr. Ruscito, the school principle, walked to the middle of the stage. "boys and girls, before we start the Benefit Concert, i would just like to remind you that you are all representing Fredrickson please behave yourselves and remain in your seats." he pleaded. he looked over the raoring crowd one last time before stepping off stage. the curtain raised. girls began screaming. my Hearing aid buzzed in my ear as they grew louder. i lowered the Frequency. Justin stepped onto the stage. the room went dark. one spotlight shined on him. he began to sing "as long as you love me" . i could feel his voice travel through me and for just a split second, i swore i could hear him....his voice....a smile escaped my lips. Justin walked around the stage singing, the bass made the room shake. i could feel each beat and each word he sang. dancers joined him on the stage and the band was lowered from the skylights. girls were screaming and crying. the music stopped. he smiled at the crowd. "wow you guys...i bet half of you dont even go to this school" he teased. the audience laughed, i did too. he looked at me and winked. bella began to freak out. "see i told you he would notice me oh my god!!!!" she shrieked. i chuckled but didnt comment on her mistake. Justin continued talking. " Before I start singing my next song I would just like to point out that this song goes out to that special girl out there and you know who you are" he smiled ans winked. The music started up again. I didn't even realize I was smiling until Bella nudged my shoulder. " I knew you secretly love Justin." She yelled over the music To me. I got a little nervous how did she find out? I tried to play it cool. "What do you mean?" I asked. she smiled " you told me that you thought he was gay and that you hated his music. And yet here your sit with that silly grin on your face like you're in love" she teased. I rolled my eyes but to myself I thought "pheww that was nerve racking" Bella stuck out her tongue at me and then turn back to the stage screaming "i love you Justin!!!" I smiled and rolled my eyes. I looked around the auditorium at all the screaming girls. I couldn't understand how Justin could want me and not 1 of these girls. Almsot all of them were way better looking then me. They deserved him I didn't. I looked back at the stage as I felt the music end. His voice sent vibrations throughout the room. I couldn't translate what he was saying but he looks so damn cute saying it. I hate this feeling I hate being in love with someone I didn't deserve, but at the same time I was in love with it. I couldn't picture myself without this feeling. The music started up again. Justin send a smile my way And Bella mistakend it for her and started screaming again. I sent him smile back. He started to sing Die in Your Arms. He reached his hand out towards me As the music continue playing he stopped singing and started talking. " Come up here Zadeyn this song is for you" he smiled as he reached his hand out towards me. He continued singing and smiling at me. Bella shot me a confused look. I shrugged and walked up onto the stage with Justin. I took his awaiting hand and he pulled me close to him. He smiled and sang each word to me. I felt my cheeks burning I was blushing I couldn't believe it. My heart beat faster, damn I was falling for him, falling real fast. He look me in the eye and say. The audience grew silent. I knew because the buzzing in my ear had stopped and I could only feel Justin's words flowing through me. he pulled me closer. once again i could have sworn i could hear his voice. it was so smooth and gentle. it made my heart feel warm. but it only lasted for a second before i returned to the dark silence.  he smiled and continued to sing to me. 

i remained on the stage with him for the rest of the concert. eventually the girls started to scream like the crazy fans they were again. when the concert ended, justin kissed my cheek and took me backstage. "so are we official now?" i asked him with a smile. he pressed his forehead to mine and smiled. "yes, yes we are" he whispered. this time it was i who leaned in and kissed him. he kissed me back slowly and wraped his arms around my waist. i stood on my toes to reach his lips. i pulled away after a while and smiled into his eyes. "i love you" he breathed. "i love you too"  i replied. Rob came up from behind him and tapped his shoulder. "alright biebs we gotta go before things get too crazy." he said looking at me. i blushed feeling sort of embarrassed . Justin kissed my cheeks and murmured his goodbyes. i smiled and watched him leave.

bella caught up with me at my locker. she tapped my shoulder. i turned to find her angerily glaring down at me. "how the hell coould you keep a secret like this from me?" she shouted. everyone in the hall stopped what  they were doing and looked at us. i remained quiet. "you're such a little bitch! i thought you were my friend! i thought you hated JB! now youre a fucking lovestruck couple?!" she continued. her face had gone red. "you cant Just steal him from me like that!!!!" she screamed. i looked her into the eyes. "look bella, i didnt steal him from you becuase he was never yours.. so please just stop okay.. and i actually like him.. cant you just be happy for me. god dammit bella.. if the spot light isnt on you for just a second you flip shit. calm down." i said calmly. i didnt want to start a fight with her. she was my best and only friend. i needed her support. she huffed and puffed letting out an annoyed breath. she smiled deviously. she pushed my hair back and took out my hearing aids. i tried to reach out for them and tried to get them back. but she threw them on the ground and crushed them. "try communicating without these bitch...wait until he finds out your little secreet..its gonna be a lot harder to keep now." she sneered as she strutted down the hall. i stood there stunned. i couldnt afford another set of hearing aids. i was doomed...

that night justin and i IMed each other.

Justin: you looked real pretty today, but then again, you look good everyday ;)

me: oh plz shush it... lol

Justin: lolz soo wassup?

me: nothing really....

should i tell him? i asked myself i mean he was going to find out sooner or later....knowing bella, i bet she alrady has a plan.

Justin: so youre free now? good meet me at the lake pond in ten mins?

me: :) sure see you here..

i signed off and sighed. how the hell was i supposed to read his lips in the goddamned dark? with NO hearing aid?!  this date was bound to end in a disaster. she could feel it already. i grabbed my converse and slipped them on. i didnt even  bother grabbing my  worn out and tarnished sweatshirt although it was almost cold enough to snow. i walked to the lake park to find Justin waiting patiently with his hood concealing his face. he flashed me a smile and took my hand. "hey" he smiled. i smiled back in return. he stood up and shot me a confused look. "no jacket?" he asked. " shrugged and crossed my cold enough to go numb arms. he smiled and shook his head as he slipped of his first sweater and draped it over my shoulders. i smiled and began to blush.  he kept his arm wrapped around me as we walked along a trail. "you have to tell me more about yourself" Justin laughed as he continued our conversation from our first date. i thought for a second. "well im fluent in ASL" i replied with a smile. reading his lips was a lot easier than i expected it to be. he smiled at me. "not uh.. show me" he replied. "well its real easy, you kind of just have to remember the signs." i explained while doing the signs with my hands. Justin looked at me. his expression read "wow" i laughed. "whats the sign for 'I love you?" he asked. i smiled and took his hand gently, forming his fingers to the 1st sign. "well there's two ways" i explained looking up into his eyes. "there's this one, with your thumb, pinky and pointer fingers extended. or there's this" i said as i closed his hands into fists, crossing them on top of his chest. he smiled and looked deep into my eyes. he leaned down and kissed me slowly. i kissed him back and closed my eyes. he wraped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. we were alone now, nobody was here but us, so this time our kiss wouldnt be interrupted. i stood on my toes again and wrapped my arms around his neck loosely. 

Suddently, the once dimmed lit park was filled with light. flashes went off. justin pulled away and shouted something. "fuck paparazzi!" he yelled as he took my hand. we ran quickly, justin lead the way. we ran a good mile maybe until he felt we were far enough away to be found. we sat behind a tree. he turned to me. "im really sorry about that Z.. i cant go anywhere" he sighed. i smiled. "its okay" i said as i used my signs unconsciously. justin copied my hand movements. "so this means its okay?" he asked with a smile. i nodded and slipped my hands into my pocket. "how do you know ASL so well?" he asked. i hesitated. "well i uh, i have a deaf cousin...and he's not very good at reading lips so we use sign language to communicate." i lied. justin nodded as he believed my lie. "poor kid, must be so hard not being able to hear anything...missing out on such beautiful sounds, like right now, doesnt the night sound so beautiful." he smiled. i forced a smile back. "yeah" i lied "its beautiful." 

Justin walked me home. he held my hand tight in his as we walked along the side walk. thoughts clouded my mind. keeping my deafness a secret was going to be a lot harder than i imagined. he kissed his goodbyes at my doorstep and waited till i had walked inside to leave and catch z cab to his hotel.


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