Love Behind the Scenes

When a Justin is sent to a school to perform all he thought was a crowd of screaming girls. But when he meets one girl he knows she is different. But how different is she really? Zadeyn seems like your normal everyday girl but something about her makes her different, makes her stronger but also makes her weaker. Will Justin find out her big secret? Will she even tell anyone?


5. The Truth Hurts

Today was just another normal school day, just my normal morning. As i wlaked into the hall though it felt different, it didnt feel different it was different. Everyone just stared at me and i saw people whispering and i knew it was about me. I kept walking trying to pay attention i mean its not the first time this has happened. As i reached my locker i wasn't shocked that Bella wasn't there like every other mornings for 3 years. I got my books and headed for my first class, English.

The bell rang, thank god it was break. As i walked out I knew that everyone was straing at me. Everyone around the quad was just staring at me. I started walking then i noticed Bella coming towards me. mixed emotions rushed through me. I hope she is coming to apologise but I just know it will be bad. "Bella." i whispered as she came near me. "I cant believe you Zayden, i cant believe you have doen this to me your only friend." Her voice was filled with hate and made me cringe. "Bella i didnt choose this. I didnt want him to fall for me and I definately didnt want to fall for him. You know i didnt like him that much Bella, do you think i would lie to you." I coudl feel my eyes watering up btu i had to stay strong i couldnt show her how much this was affecting me. "Oh so the hottest male artists of today falling for you is a bad thing., I bet her just feels sorry for you." Bella basically yelled. That cut, it cut me deep. He cant feel sorry for me, he doesn t even know. "He doesnt know does he." Bella sasy and i could hear the evil tone her voice. Just like it was planned guess who showed up? Oh yeah Mr Hottest Male Artist of Today himself. I sighed as i saw him making Bella turn around. "You tell him or i will." She said, the tone of her voice was angry, the worst ive heard yet. "Bella why are you doing this to me? I'm no threat to you! This is ridculous Bella and you know it. You know that i am a nobody and that Justin is never actaully gonna love me." I said, tears filled my eyes and it took everythign not to cry. I spoke what i have been worried about the whole time, all my doubts and insecurities finally spoken. "Zayden what are you talking about." Justin said from behind Bella, i coudl tell her was hurt. "Just wait till you hear the truth then let's see the hrut in your eyes." Bella said with and evil smile and standing to the side. "Justin please can we talk somewhere else?" I asked knowing i wouldnt be able to keep the tears in any longer.

Justin nodded but obviously Bella wanted to see this "Justin did you know that Zayden is deaf and i broke her hearing aid? So im surpirsed she can even hear." Bella said smilign at him then turning to me giving me the biggest death stare. "You said that it was your cousin." Justin schoked out, i coudl tell he was holding back tears. "Justin please let me explain." I said walking towards and grabbing his hand. He ripped his hand around from me. "You lied! We are a couple, well meant to be, and you cant even tell me something like that, somethign that effects your life!" Justin yelled. I coudlnt keep it in any longer tears streamed down my face. "Maybe you were right, maybe i never will love you. And its not becasue i dont its becasue you wont let me." Justin said as a tear rolled down his cheek. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. His eyes made me melt and looking into them killed me. I coudlnt take it any more. I ran i didnt know where i just ran. I ran until i kne i was alone and i slid down the wall and placed my head in my knees and cried my eyes out. How did i do this? How did i make somthing so perfect so horrible? Maybe it was for the best maybe i Just need to let him go, i mean i was right when i told Bella he could do a lot better and i was nobody. But when i thought of this i just remembered me saying that to Justin and him telling me i was somebody to him. More tears feel down my face, why did i think that?

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