Love Behind the Scenes

When a Justin is sent to a school to perform all he thought was a crowd of screaming girls. But when he meets one girl he knows she is different. But how different is she really? Zadeyn seems like your normal everyday girl but something about her makes her different, makes her stronger but also makes her weaker. Will Justin find out her big secret? Will she even tell anyone?


8. The Dinner

Justin's POV

Saturday arrived quickly. I had woken up early to finish up my packing and got ready for the dinner. I was nervous, yeah you heard me. I Justin Drew Bieber am nervous to meet my Girlfriend's Parents. or well mother that is. I knocked on the door softly. i listened as the sounds of her mothers wheel chair approaching the door. Her mother opened it slowly, she had a wide grin present on her lips.

"Hi Justin, nice to meet you, im Stephanie, Zayden's mom." she wheeled away from the door allowing me in. I smiled and walked in.

"nice to finally meet you Mrs. Russell." i replied smiling back at her.

she shut the door and turned back, looking up at me from her chair. "oh please, just call me Stephanie." she insisted.

I smiled and looked around the room with only my eyes for Zayden, who was no where in sight. "alright ill call you stephanie."

stephanie rolled away from me and to the table to continue setting dow plates. "Zayden should be down any second now, she's just finishing up her hair." she explained as she struggled around the table with the plates in her lap.

"here let me help." i insisted as i took the plates from her lap and set them at each seat.

"thank you" she beamed as she rolled to the cabinets and took out the silverware.

"no problem" i replied.

Zayden walked down the stairs holding kira's hand. Her hair looked nice, she had straightened it nicely and tucked it behind her ears. she had no secrets to hide anymore. She was wearing the hearing aides i had gotten her. i flashed her a smile.

Zayden smiled back and picked kira up. "hey"

"hey" i replied softly.

kira had the widest smile on her lips. "I can't believe that Justin Bieber is having dinner with us tonight..i think i am like dreaming or something!"

everyone laughed at her. she was so adorable with her two little braids Zayden had done for her.

kira looked to her sister. "Can i sit next to him sissy!?" she asked.

Zayden smiled and nodded. "of course you can."

Kira cheered and ran to her seat with a wide smile. Zayden helped her mom set the food on the table, i offered to help but they insisted i sit down and relax, so i took my seat beside kira. Zayden sat across from me, looking as beautiful as usual.

When we had all finally settled down and began eating, it was silent. i took a bite of my chicken, it tasted delicious. I decided to break the awkward silence, but Kira beat me too it. 

"After dinner, I need to show you my room its got all pictures of you and its amazing!" she insisted.

I chuckled a bit. "It's a date then."

Kira's face lit up like a flashlight. Stephanie laughed softly and shook her head. 

"This chicken is delicious Stephanie." i said after taking another bite.

Stephanie smiled towards me "Why thank you justin. I made it with my special seasoning. Its a family recipe." 

"But dont worry justin, when we get married ill have moma tell you it so we can have it for dinner everyyy night." kira said sounding completely serious. I couldnt help but to laugh. 

Zayden smiled at her not saying much, she had been really quite for most of the dinner.

"I tried to get tickets to your show on monday in New York but moma said they were too expensive."

Zayden looked up at me from her plate, her eyes asked me a question i didnt want to answer.

Stephanie continued Kira's reasons "And because im not about to drive all the way across america for a Justin Bieber concert," she turned to me "no offense.."  

i chuckled and told her it was okay. kira continued to whine. "That's not fair moma!"

Zayden looked disappointed. I probably should have told her. Now i realize what ive done wrong.

The rest of the dinner went by quite awkwardly. Zayden remained silent and Kira kept touching me. After dinner we sat down and played a game of monopoly. It was fun besides the fact that Zayden still kept that sad look on her face. I knew i would have to talk to her alone later. I had to make things better before they got worse.

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