Love Behind the Scenes

When a Justin is sent to a school to perform all he thought was a crowd of screaming girls. But when he meets one girl he knows she is different. But how different is she really? Zadeyn seems like your normal everyday girl but something about her makes her different, makes her stronger but also makes her weaker. Will Justin find out her big secret? Will she even tell anyone?


7. Loud and Clear

Zayden's POV

i stood behind the door after i shut it. i couldn't believe this was happening. for once in my life everything was okay. i looked down to the hearing aids justin had gotten me and smiled. they looked so expensive... these were better than my old ones. they were Phonaks! i couldnt believe this. they were worth at least 3 grand a piece. i was eager to put them on. i ran up to my room and turned them on. i put them  slowly. i felt as though i could hear the entire world. the clock ticks, the computer buz, even the wind. it was like music to my ears. MUSIC! ive always wanted to hear it! i ran to my computer and turned on the first song i could find. it was beautiful. i almost started to cry. even though the sound was soft, it was the best thing i have ever experienced. i got up quickly, feeling so full of energy and excitement, i ran into my mothes room. she was sitting on her chair reading the ASL handbook. she looked up me and smiled. "well you look happy, whats up?" she asked while using signs. i smiled as her voice flowed through me. it was harsh and raspy, it washer voice. "mom justin got me Phonaks!" i cheered. i paused for a moment. my voice, i could actually hear myself. my voice was soft and gentle, it sounded pretty. i smiled wider. my mom wheeled herself over with a grin so wide. Zayden, i want to meet this boy" my mother said as she looked at the hearing aids. "we need to thank him properly.. maybe we could go out all together? or maybe just have soemthing here, would that be easier for him?" she asked. i shrugged and smiled. " im not sure..let me ask him.." i smiled as i skipped hapily out of the room. 

i sat at my computer and sent justin a message on Aim. 

me: justin i cannot thank you enough for these hearing aids, you do not understand how amazing they are!

it took a fe minutes for him to reply 

justin: haha your welcome, its the least i could do :)

me: would you care for a dinner date with my mom over at my house... meet my family... if you think its uncomfortable or something its okay//

justin: nahh sounds fun to me.. when?

me: tomorrow maybe.. you wanna have it here? 

justin" okay, public would be to risky... lots of pops around lately..i hope they dont start harassing you too.. they prob will soon..

me: mehhi doubt it.. we will lay it low from now on lol and would you need a ride? 

justin: nah i got like 18 cars lol

me: lol justin XD i can hear things!


me: lol you got me phonaks! they are like artificial hearing substitutes.. i can hear music and voices and footstes and the night time and animal and oh my god im freaking out this is amazing..

justin: oh hahaha your welscome i love you so much Zayden... 

me: aww justin i love you too waa i miss you :,(

justin :) lol i miss you too

me: oh yeah and um i think i already told you this but um my mom is cripplied and she uses a wheelchair... dint make her feel...odd

justin: i know what you mean.. dont worry i wont stare lol

me: :) 

i looked to the clock. damn it was already midnight. thank god it was friday or i would never be able to wake up. 

justin: am i keeping you up ???

me: nahh its all good im not to tired. this may sound weird but i wanna hear your voice..

justin: nah its not weird lol  skype??

me: sure ZZZ14141 dont ask why i chose that cuz idk lol

justin: haha aight ima skype you then..

i logged out of aim and onto my skype. i accepted his request. "hi!" he smiled and waved at the computer. i smiled wide "heyy" i replied. "so the dinner thing... what time do you want me to come?" he asked as he adjusted his webcam. "probably like six or six-thirty" i answered. "aight ill be there." he smiled. "I CAN HEAR THINGS NOW AND IT IS AMAZING!" i cheered. Justin laughed. i tried to calm down a bit. "well thats sort of a shame.. ive been practicing." justin smiled. i gave him a weird look "practicing what?" i asked. "well my signs of course' he laughed. i smiled. "show me.." i asked. he nodded and thought for a second. he began to sign. "you cant wait to make love? what the fuck.." i laughed. "no no no!!! i meant dinner!" he protested. i shook my head. "yeah you better." i said with a laugh "this is dinner.." i explained as i showed him the sign. he copied my movements and laughed. "well thats totally different from what i was doing..." he said with a laugh. i smiled. "yes yes it is." i laughed. justin laughed abd kept doing the sex sign, "stop it," i giggled. "you're soo gross!" justin smiled and stopped. "sorry i was kidding." he laughed. "its all actually gonna go to bed now so ill uh..ill see you tomorrow at six.." i smiled. "alright, yeah. see ya there..." he smiled and held his hand up doing the "i love you" sign. i smiled and signed off then settled down. i took out my hearing aids and went to sleep.

Justin's POV

im not going to stung a little that she signed off without any kind of reply. i shut my macbook off and placed it on my hotel night stand. i looked over to my packed bags and sighed. i was leaving in three days...i couldnt bare to tell Zayden that... i got off of my bed and grabbed my phone on the dresser. as i flipped through my calander, i found that from today all the way until  May of next year, i was booked solid with concerts and interviews. there was no way in hell that this relationship with Zayden was going to survive. i didnt want to break it off though.. i really like her...i have to break the news to her some how..


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