Love Behind the Scenes

When a Justin is sent to a school to perform all he thought was a crowd of screaming girls. But when he meets one girl he knows she is different. But how different is she really? Zadeyn seems like your normal everyday girl but something about her makes her different, makes her stronger but also makes her weaker. Will Justin find out her big secret? Will she even tell anyone?


3. Best desicion

'Five more minutes' I think as I look back at the clock for the 20th time this lesson. Maths last is possibly the worst thing ever! As the be rings I hurry out of the school and as a quick bye to Bella before making my way to pick up Kira. "Come in hurry I have to get home and get ready" I say as I see Kira coming through her school gates. "Coming" she chirps before she runs done the stairs. We walk home and I listen to Kira talk about her day at school. When we get home I set Kira up with some food and the laptop as well as the TV. I walk into my wardrobe and start freaking out, he didn't even tell me where we were going. I decide on something casual but looks nice. As I go to talk to mum the doorbell rings "coming" I yell before quickly opening the door to mums room. " I'll be back" I say happily. "Have fun sweetie." Mum says in the beat mood I've seen I a while.
As I walk to the door I get a bit nervous. I know he is famous and all but I don't see why I mean he is just a normal guy who actually begged for this date. "Wow!" Justin says as I open the door. "Someone's not goo with there words today." I say cheekily. Justin laughs before replying. "Well no words can explain how beautiful you looks." I feel my cheeks go ready but luckily Justin is focused on the car. When we reach the car he opens the door for me before following me in and sitting rather close. "Where to?" I ask the question that has been annoying me all afternoon. "Well we are first going laser tag then I'm taking you to dinner.sounds good?" He asks politely. "Yeah sounds good although I've never been to laser tag." I've never been able to go out and do the normal things teenagers do like bowling, laser tag, ice skating etc. "I'm glad we are then." He said before giving me the most genuine smile. This was definately the best decision I have made to go on this date.

Justin drove in a small Ford Fusion not wanting to attract attentn. He pulled up to the laser tag arena and parked far away. "I hope you don't mind the walk." He apologized. "Just down want us to get, well you know.." I nodded in response. He smiled "he stepped out of the car and ran to my side before I could even touch the handle. He opened the door for me. "Such a gentleman." I teased. My voice cracked. Damn it was hard to talk. Being so nervous and not being able to hear a damn word I say wasn't helping my situation. Justin laughed. "You okay? Sore throat?" He asked. I pursed my lips and nodded. He took my hand. "Do you want me to take you back?" He asked. I shook my head and smiled "no" I replied. I pulled him towards the building and we laughed. When we walked into the Laser Tag arena my hearing aid screeched in my hear. I reached under my hair nonchalantly. Justin took out his money. I reached into my pocket for my wallet but Justin stopped me. "Please don't... I got this.." He smiled as he handed his money to the cashier. She handed them their equipment and they walked to the locker room. "How in gods name do I???" He mumbled to himself as he eyed the armor and weapon. I laughed and walked over to him and helped him. He smiled "thanks" he said. But I had already turned away to out my stuff on. I turned to him to see we were on different teams. I was red he was blue. "Oh it's onnnnn" I laughed as we walked into the battle fields and went our seperate ways. I turned off my hearing aids. The noise would only distract me. I could hear from the vibrations the ground sent off with every footstep. I inhaled and watched as the lights flickered showing that te game had begun. I felt everyone's footsteps under my feet. I took cover in the dark room behind a small miscellaneous object. I saw a blue vest from afar and took my shot. It wasn't Justin. I placed the palms of my hand on floor and felt Justin's vibrations. I knew theymwerenhis because they flowed through my heart. I smiled as I felt him right behind the same object as me. I jumped over the barrier and shot him. He gasped and laughed. He shot me at the same time making both our vests shut off. It left us in the pitch dark. This made me uncomfortable. Not being able to hear or see anything made me panic. Justin must have sensed my tension because he pulled me close and held ,my hands. He began to talk but I couldn't translate it. All I could feel were vibrations. I lived by vibrations and movements. I was scared and my heart beat faster, Justin leaned in and kissed me. I wasn't expecting it... I truthfully didn't want it. I pulled away and shook my head. I got up and walked away. Justin grabbed my hand As I walked away and followed me out. We returned to the lit part of the arena . I relaxed a bit but I was still tense about the unexpected kiss. I reached under my hair again and secretly turned on my hearing aid. I still couldn't hear everything... The hearing aid helped me filter words a little bit better. "zadyn..I'm sorry I didn't mean to.." I cut him off. "I don't deserve you so just stop...." I said as I looked towards the ground. Justin lulled my Chin up gently and looked into my eyes he tucked my hair behind my ear with a smile. It slowly faded as he looked closely at it. "What's that in you ear." He asked. i covered it back up with my hair quickly. "It's nothing...." i replied almost immediately after. i turned and began to walk away but Justin stopped me. "Where are you going? I still have to take you to dinner!" He smiled. i smiled back. i was happy that he wasnt going to ask anymore questions.
he took me back tot the car and we drove to chilis. "i made reservations" he smiled and took my hand as we walked in. "and um my names robbie okay?" he said nervously.  i nodded and winked "okay robbie." i laughed. we walked in and the waiter brought us back to our seats. justin wore his sunglasses and hat still. "i hate being famous" he groaned as he tugged on his beanie. i rolled my eyes. "oh sush it, you know you love the fame" i laughed. "no really i cant go anywhere without my disguise" he insisted. i listened with my eyes as he talked about himself and his family. i smiled and laughed at his jokes. "how about you?" he asked with a smile. "oh well um i live a very boring life compared to yours" i smiled. " i walk my sister to and from school, i have one friend, i got to school.. thats about it" i shrugged. justin smiled "aw come on that cant be it... what about your parents? whats he do for a livivng?" he asked innocently. my smile faded. "my dad..he uh...he died when i was 6." i replied. justin reached across the table and touched my hand. "im soo sorry.." he replied. "its oaky.. its was long ago" 

Once Justin and i finished dinner, he paid for the meal which i was unhapppy about becasue i hadnt paid for anything the whole night. The car ride was nice we talked about random little things. "I had a really good night Zadyn." Justin said as he stopped the car infront of my house. "Yeah it was, thanks." i replied returning the smile."I will see you tomorrow for the concert at school." Justin said with the biggets smile, "Yeah ill probably be at the back but i will be there." I said while opening the door. "Goodnight Zadyn." "Goodnight Justin." "Sweet dreams." Justin said with a smile before i shut the door. it was late so i opened the door quietly and opened mums door to find her asleep peacefully. I walked into my sisters room to see she had managed to kick the blanket off. I gently laced the blanket back over her and went to bed. I burshed my teeth and slipped into my PJ's before getting into bed. I tried to get to sleep but i was thinking to much. I codlnt stop thinking about that kiss. I was not expecting it and i dont want him to pretend. But it seemed like he understood, well he didnt change the way he acted for the rest of the night. Maybe its becasue he didnt care about me? or didnt want me to think it effected him? of maybe, just maybe it was becasue he actually cared about me and didnt want to hurt me? No thats not it i meamn why would he liek me, im just.... me! with everything oing through my head i was surprised i even got to sleep eventually.

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