Love Behind the Scenes

When a Justin is sent to a school to perform all he thought was a crowd of screaming girls. But when he meets one girl he knows she is different. But how different is she really? Zadeyn seems like your normal everyday girl but something about her makes her different, makes her stronger but also makes her weaker. Will Justin find out her big secret? Will she even tell anyone?


2. Aim

The rest if the school day passed by in a blur. I walked to kira's school and picked her up. She's in preschool. Kira ran out as the bell rang. Her brown hair was tied back in two cute pigtails and she was wearing a cute pink sundress with her silver sandles that she loved so much. "zadeyn!!!! Guess what! My teacher let me lead the line to recess today and I gots to be the frst one out" she said proudly holding her head high. I smiled and held her hand. "That's great Kira. Any homework tonight?" I asked as we started to walk home. She shook her head. I smiled and we continued on our long walk home.
After a few minutes of walking along the main road Kira, as usual, started to complain about her legs. I rolled my eyes "just keep walking Kira we have a long way to go." Kira groaned and continued walking, every few steps she would let out an exaggerated wince. A black car with tinted windows pulled up to the curb. I squeezed kiras hand and gave her a look that said "do as I say" she squeezed my hand back. We started to walk faster as the door slowly opened. not turning around, we increased our speed to a speed walk. "wait Zadeyn it's me" a familiar voice called. Kira squeezed my hand and Told me too look. I turned around to see Justin waving his arms like an idiot. I turned To kira to see her mouth and eyes wide open. She was shocked to see her favorite singer calling me to him. We walked back towards the car and justin flipped his hair. Kira was in awe. "hey Zadeyn I really gotta stop scaring u like this. I might give u a panic attack" he said smiling his big smile. I gave him a side grin. "hey uh do u and ur uh sister want a ride." I looked to to Kira, who was still in shock, and she nodded like she was having a sugar high.
We stepped carefully into the car and kira gave the driver our address. The silence we sat in was deafening and we sat in it for a while. We had so much to say but no words to speak, we couldn't find the right ones. Justin broke the awkward silence. "so uh what's ur sister's name?" I didnt even have to answer, Kira did all the talking for me. "my name's kira!!! Im 4 And I'm almost grown up!!! I love u! I have alll ur pictures And everything and a bed spread!" justin let out a small yet sincere laugh. His laugh sent an unfamiliar tingling feeling throughout my chest. I could feel the vibration of his voice course through me. We pulled up to our house and I was embarrassed of the tarnished condition it was in. I motioned for Kira to get out of the car. "thanks for the ride justin" I said as I began to exit the car. Justin lightly grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers in mine. Although it only lasted a split second, it felt like an eternity. He let go and revealed a small scrap of paper with sonething written on it. " it's my Aim account message me later. I'll be on." I nodded and held the paper in my hand. I tried my hardest to give him a genuine smile but it just wouldnt come out. I shut the door and went inside my house.
I peeked Into my moms room. She still layed there with her face smooshed into the pillow. Tissues littered the floor and the comforter scrunched up on the floor. I sigh And shut the door. Kira tugged at my shirt. I looked down to her. " can I watch tv in ur room?" I nodded and walked across the hall to my room. I helped Kira settle on my bed and then sat at my ancient computer and started on my homework.
About an hour in I opened up my aim and typed out his screen name. I sent simple hi. I minimized the screen and continued on my report on the invention of the analog clock. "dadunk" the vibration of a received message on aim startled me. I opened the window.
Jbiebs1994: heyyy Zadyn wassup?
sleaZygirl96: *Zadeyn and doin a report you?
Jbiebs1994: oh sorry :( in just messaging u.
sleaZygirl96: not worth the time.
Jbiebs1994: whatta ya mean???
sleaZygirl96: I'm a no1 why do u want to talk to me??
Jbiebs1994: I think ur a sum1. Ur really interesting.
sleaZygirl96: ya becuz u kno soooo much about meh..I barely ever spoke 2 u. U don't know anything about me!!!
Jbiebs1994: tats wat I like bout u. I hav so much to learn bout u. Ur unpredictable. Unlike most girls and I like tat. U dont hav ta talk to speak words. Or get ur point across. I want ta get ta kno u better. Give me a chance
sleaZygirl96: thnx but what are u getin at here?
Jbiebs1994: I wanna know if u would like to go out sometime and ya know date...
sleaZygirl96: but we just met, 2day. And ur not even like, in my league. Ur a rich famous singer for heaven sakes!! Why me I'm not even good looking or outgoing like other girls. Try Bella jones,
Jbiebs1994: that doesnt matter. And ur right ur not pretty. Ur beautiful. Ur caring. U take ur sister to and from school. U walk with her hold her hand. Ur amazing and everything about I is amazing! Plz say yes!!!!
sleaZygirl96: sure watev
Jbiebs1994: yay! I'll pick u up 2morrow afta skool Bye!!! :)
I logged out of aim and stared at my finished report. I don't understand why he likes me. What's goin on here?!?! I printed out my report and placed it on the table. I looked over to Kira to see her asleep on my bed I picked her ip and carried her to her room I ticked her in.

I went by my moms room to check on her. She was sitting up on her bed She turned her heAd to me. Her eyes were blood shot and her hair was a mess. I entered her room and walked over to her cautiously stepping over the used tissues ob the floor. She held her arms out to me. I grabbed her wheele chair and rolled it across the floor. I picked her up and placed her in it. My mom looked distant. She wasn't all there. My mom is paralyzed from her waist down. Ever since we got in that car accident ten years ago, my mom has been both physically and mentally off. "Zadeyn" she whispered faintly. I gave her a confused look. I reached into my ear to fix my hearing aid.I forgot to tell u, I'm deaf. Ten years ago, during the car accident. I damaged a part of my brain that controlled my hearing. It made me slowly loose my hearing. I'm not completely deaf yet, if ur loud enough, I can hear what u say. I'm fluent in asl and I'm amazing at reading lips. That's howbi can function in a school with hearing kids. I didn't tell anyone of my problem. I wouldn't be able to take their ridicule and constant teasing. "Zadeyn" my mom Repeated slowly, "what?" I asked as I pushed her to the bathroom."I can't do this to you anymore Zadeyn. You aren't living like a normal teenage girl should be your too busy looking after Kira and myself." She said looking Into my eyes and I stop the wheelie chair infront of the shower that has all the special equipment set up for her. "Mum if you haven't noticed it's not like you can really look after yourself and don't worry I'm still a normal teenage girl." I say back with a smile. No matter how happy I tried to be I knew she was right, I haven't gone out since well the accident. "I want you to go out have fun be a girl. Go I a date with a nice boy and not worry about me. I can get a cater and Kira well she wants what's beat for you aswell. Please dear for me." Mum begged as she pulled herself into the bath/shower to get herself prepared. "Fine ill go out tomorrow a guy has actually just asked me to go out with him tomorrow. Are you sure you are going to be fine?" I don't want to leave her here if she won't have anyone. "I've organise a carer so you don't have to so the work she starts tomorrow. I want to be your mum again not just your mother." The last bit you could tell hurt her to say. " you always have been." I reply as I reach the door. After waiting a little I help mum into bed before going and getting ready myself. 'I hope tomorrow actually turn out okay' I manage to think before my eyes shut as I go into a deep sleep.


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