Don't hurt her

When 17 year old Sofie's boyfriend breaks up with her, it ruins her life. But when her brother comes home her life changes.


2. Time for the beach!!

Caroline's P.O.V

My thoughts are interrupted by Louis yelling.

"SOFIIIIIEEEEE!!!! Do you wanna go to the BEACH with us?" he askes

"Sure! I just gotta get ready I'll meet you there in 10 minutes!" I answer. I run as fast as I can upstairs and into my room. I start rummaging through my closet looking for my favorite multi-coloured bikini. I wanted to look my best since Harry would be there. Over my bikini I wear a pair of shorts and a black tanktop. When I get to the beach, I can't find them. Where can they be? I find a nice spot and strip down to my bikini. I start making my way down so I get in the water, when someone picks me up and carries me to the water and dumps me in. When I look up I see Harry laughing at me, and a Niall that doesn't look to happy. Oh well, who cares what Niall thinks.

"What's so funny Harry?" I ask

"You should have seen your face!" he says and laughs even harder. I ignore him and make my way back to my spot. I smile at the boys but walk past them. I look back and see 5 confused faces, and start laughing to myself. Finally I get to the storage hut and go inside. After a few minutes I come out with my surfboard... Yup I surf! 

"Surfs up!" I say when I walk past the boys. And i see Louis' jaw drop, Harry smiling and Niall giving them a dirty look. I paddle far out and after a while finally catch a good wave. When I get out of the water I walk up to the guys. 

"Wow, Sofie that was... amazing!" Louis says astonished

"Thanks Louis." I reply shyly "I'm just gonna go... yeah." I mumble running towards the storage hut. I quickly put my surfboard back and put my clothes on, over my bikini. When I get out I see Niall talking with the boys.

Niall's P.O.V

I can't believe that Harry was checking Sofie out... I mean that just wrong. She's my sister. I need to tell the boys that Sofie is out of bounds.

"Boys, I need to say something very important." I say in a serious tone "Sofie is my little sister, is OUT OF BOUNDS! I don't want any of you trying anything on her." The last part I say glancing at Harry.

"Ok, man." Harry says looking upset.

I quickly look up and see Sofie coming towards us.

"Hey, I'm gonna go home now." she says looking at Harry who's looking at the ground.

"Ok, just start walking. We'll catch up with you." I answer. Once she is out of earshot I look at Harry.

"What was that about?" I ask him frustrated. "Now she will know that something is wrong."

"I'm sorry, it's just that... Never mind." he answers. Knowing Harry, I won't be able to make him spit it out so I just leave it there. When we get home I realize that nobody is home. I start to get worried when I find a note that says: Come and find me :P. It's Sofie's handwriting.

"Guys... she's playing with us." I say and hold up the note. They all rush over.

"The carrot king will find her!" Louis shouts "I'm coming Sofie!"

We all split up and after a few minutes I get a big suprise.

Harry's P.O.V

This is my chance if I find her I'm gonna tell her what I feel for her. Fuck Niall. I don't give a shit what he thinks. After a few minutes of looking I find her behind a bush.

"Got ya!" I say grabbing her from behind. She turns around laughing. We are standing so close, our noses are just inches apart. C'mon Harry, this is your chance. Before I know it, my lips crashed together and our lips were moving in sync. I put my hands on her hips, pull her closer and she puts her hands around my neck.

"WTF Harry! I told you NOT to try anything on her!" I break away from the kiss and look up, to see Niall running at me with his fist in the air.

"Niall STOP!" Sofie shouts


Heeeeeeeey!!!!! What ya think? Sorry, it took me so long but I'm just really busy! What do you think will happen? See ya!!!!


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