Don't hurt her

When 17 year old Sofie's boyfriend breaks up with her, it ruins her life. But when her brother comes home her life changes.


5. Running

Sofie's P.O.V.

"What do you want Liam?" I sniff. I let him in and go sit on my bed crying with my head in my hands. 

"Are you sure that Harry is the guy for you, Sofie?" he asks me. I look at him, my blue orbs raging like never before. I take one look at him before i say:

"Go to hell. All of you! You, my brother and your stupid band! YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL!!!" He looks at me one more time before he runs downstairs probably to tell Niall what a creep I am. I quickly lock the door and find a medium sized bag and stuff some clothes and toiletries in it. I walk into my bathroom and open my cabinet. I throw everything out until I find what I am looking for... my blade. It's such a long time since I've used it. All my scars are barely noticeable. When Jacob broke up with me I wanted to cut very badly, but the thought of Niall coming home and making everything better stopped me. But now he is home... and everything is much, much worse. I press the blade to my skin and I can feel the sensational feeling of blood trickling down my hand, fingers and the sound of it dripping to the floor. I do this a few more times before i start cleaning it up a bit. I decide not to. Not to clean the cuts up. Then everybody can see how horrible my life is. You might call me an attention seeker, but i can assure you that that is the one thing that I am not. I take my blade, walk back into my room and throw the backpack on my back. I take a deep breath, unlock the door and start heading downstairs. Once I am down all the boys look at me. Then they stare at my bloody wrist.

"Who did that to you?" Niall and harry both ask. I look them in the eye and say:

"This." And I let the blade fall from my hand to the floor.

"Goodbye." I say and walk out the door. Then I hear Niall shouting.

"SOFIE! SOFIE! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU GOING?" I quickly look back and see that he has made it out the door. I start running. He's faster than me but I can run longer. I look back and see that all boys are following me. That makes it even harder to escape, but it's worth a try. I keep running, but the boys are catching up. I finally get to the park. I quickly climb up the biggest tree and try to hide between the branches. I sit there very still, but Niall knows this place. This is the place I used to hide as a child Niall would find me every time and climb up to comfort me. But this time that won't happen. 

"Guys, she's in the biggest tree. I can see her." I hear Niall say. Shit! They can see me. I can see the boys making their way to the tree. Niall starts climbing. He's a bloody fast climber. I start climbing down the other side and once I am down, someone grabs me by the waist and starts pulling me away. It isn't one of the boys. I start screaming for help. Then everything goes black. 

i wake up in an unknown room. I try to move but my hands and feet are tied to the four bedposts. After a little while someone comes in. I can't believe it. It's Jacob, my ex.

"Sofie! Long time no see!" he says smiling an evil smile. I give him the death glare.

"Why am I here Jacob?" I ask. I must admit Right now I am scared of him and what he might to to me.

"I just wanted to make sure you kept your promise." I look at him. What promise?

"You did after all promise me that I would be your first time." he says caressing my cheek. I move my head.

"So you're going to rape me?" I whisper already in tears.

"It sounds so harsh when you put it like that." Then he kisses me. I don't kiss back. He looks at me one more time before he straddles me cuts up my tank top, shorts, underwear and flings of my strapless bra. (not going into the details of the rape).

*After the rape*

He unties me and says I can leave. I sit up crying. It hurts so badly. I see a sowing kit on the chest of drawers on the other side of the room. I try to stand but my legs fail and I fall to the floor. I crawl over there and get it. I fix my panties, shorts and tank top. I put my clothes on and try to walk outside. I keep on falling until I find a long thick stick that I can put my weight on. After a few hours I am finally at the front door to my house. I turn the doorknob and quietly walk in. I am almost at the staircase when someone clears their throat.


Hi! Sorry I haven't updated in forever but believe it or not I forgot about this! Here a a new chapter for you! xoxo Caroline

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