The Graveyard

its scary


1. The Graveyard

One Halloween night I had a Spooky Stories book to return to the library. I didn’t want to miss trick-or-treating so I had to take the shortcut through the graveyard. I really didn’t want to, but my mom said there was nothing to be afraid of. Finally, I agreed with her. She gave me some pumpkin seeds and I got my bike.

When I got to the graveyard I shivered. I opened the cold gate. Creeeek, it was old and rusty. One of the streetlamps flickered. Another went out. I took my first step in. The ground was cold and mushy. I went to a tall, spooky gravestone. It said: Mr. _ _ _ _ died on October 31, alive every Halloween. The name was so old I could only make out the word, Mr.

All of a sudden everything went black! “AAAAHHHHH!” I heard something scream. I felt a cold, scabby hand rub up against me. I reached down and picked up a rock. I threw it as hard as I could. Crack! I hit the thing. Hisssss, it hissed at me. There was a flash of lightning. There was a huge hole where the grave was. But the lightning was so quick I didn’t see the monster.

I heard the door open. I thought it was more monsters coming up out of their graves. But I was wrong because I heard the librarian’s voice. The monster was just about to bite me when the graveyard lit up again. I ran into the library.
The librarian asked me what was wrong. So I told her.

“Ah,” she said. “Yes, every year I find a new grave that says: Died October 31, comes alive every Halloween.”
“Then why didn’t I get bit?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” she said.
“And what was that thing?” I asked.

She didn’t know, but she described it for me. It has snakes for hair. If you look at its eyes you will faint. Then it will bite you. Its breath is a rock. That’s how it makes new gravestones. It scratches the engravings in the stone with its claw. If you ever need to return a book to this library on Halloween, DON”T DO IT!”

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