Ronan Thompson was a four year old boy that died of Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that develops from the nerve tissue. He has inspired me so much and reading his mothers blog really upset me and inspired me to put that emotion into a tribute story. So here's to brave little Ronan Thompson!


3. Grannys House, 1 Year Ago

Ronan sat on the spongey carpet, playing absently with his toy truck. I clutched his small shoulders from behind and he jumped a little. "Ronan, my love. We are going to see granny!" I said in my sweetest baby voice. 

His blue eyes stared back at mine with the look of innocence and sadness. He didn't want to see his granny? But it couldn't be that, he loved her to peices. It must have been his toy truck. After all, I had stopped him from playing with it. "Love, you can take your truck with you and we can get an ice cream when we get to grannies."

A smile crept onto his face and he started nodded his head as he beamed up at me. His tiny hand wrapped around mine as he stood up with a stumble. "Now, you can go and get ready and come back to mummy when you have your bag, okay?"

He nodded in reply and then of he went, skipping down the corridor that led to his pale blue bedroom.

*   *   *

And hour in the car and we were there, at grannys house. It was on the middle of a country road and right in the middle of nowhere. Wheat fields surrounded it which the boys liked to play in when it was the summer. They'd run around and play hide and seek and they would always make me have to find them and catch them while granny sat back in her rocking hair and laughed at the silliness of us. Unfortunately we couldn't do that this year, it was too cold and the Wheat had just been cut down so we would just be running in a field which isn't hide 'n' seek at all. 

Ronan was excited to see his granny. He leapt out the car as soon as we had stopped and ran up to the front door. Granny had been waiting for us and already had the kettle boiling. That was always the good thing about her. She always had the kettle on and was always up for a cup of tea and a chat. Although she was a frail woman in her eighties, she was happy all the time and was reasonably energetic for an old woman. 

She picked up Ronan and spun him around as she giggled slightly. "Oh dear, how good is it to see you!" she said placing Ronan back on the ground and making her way over the Liam and Quinn. "And you too!"

She tickled the boys forcing them to laugh and run inside her house. Then, she made her way over to me. "And my beautiful daughter! How are you? Coping with the boys?" 

"Yeah mom, I'm good. The boys are fine, slightly fidgety in the car but they always are," I laughed.

She gave a chuckle and patted me on the shoulder. "Come inside, the kettles boiling."


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