Gone But Not Forgotten

Jaden and Calista have been friends since the 4th grade. Now in high school, this story will tell what went through the in between years, and give you a story filled with passion, broken hearts, shattered dreams, and new beginnings!


5. The AfterMath


Chapter 5:

Graduation day was great, until that...that...horrible memory.

Once I had burst into the restroom, I sat in a stall and tried to pull myself together, this is graduation day, I was going to go out their and make a great ending of this school. I managed to wipe away the tears and make my way to my friends who were waited for me, they all looked worried sick. 

As I approached them, they began to bombard me with questions. "Are you okay?" Why did he say that?" And then I had the aggressive and encouraging friends "I'm going to beat him up!" "It's okay, he isn't worth it." I finally put my hand up to stop their useless words. Nothing they said was going to change what he did to me and they would have to accept that. Instead, I totally veered from the subject "Lets go get a snow cone, they look to die for!" My friends all agreed with me and we went to enjoy the sugary goodness. As we started to walk away from the station, I noticed Jaden mouthing something to me "I'm sorry". I looked at him, then looked away, "No, not just like that, you will not just treat me like that then think I'm Sorry will fix it." He started to make his way towards us, I quickly redirected our friends to the picture taking booth. The rest of my elementary school hours were spent making last memories with my friends, and avoiding Jaden as much as possible. As I hugged everyone goodbye and cried a little, I kissed my fellow students goodbye for the last time...

That night I got home after a excepted dinner with my family, congratulating me on all my awards. We returned home and my mom directly went over tot eh answering machine as always. She found 3 missed calls from Jaden's cell phone. (My parents said they wouldn't get me a cell phone until middle school, it wasn't a need.) My mom quickly handed me the phone after listening to the voice mails, she looked concerned. After I listened to the message I understood. Every single one, was Jaden in a muffled voice (that sounded like he was crying a minute before) telling me to call him back, and that he wanted to talk to me. The final stated him saying "Please Forgive Me." I never did call him back, no matter how many times he tried to contact me that summer. Since, he did live 2 blocks down, he rang the buzzer many times in the first month of summer, all the time I told my mom I was sick, or I have other plans. I didn't want to see him, couldn't he get that? Apparently not. I even wrote me a hand-written that month of June. Even though his writing was always a little shi***, I never had seen so much written from him before. He was getting desperate and I kinda enjoyed the thought. Even though he didn't say much to me that school day, it said enough about what he truly thought about me and just our friendship in general. It honestly made me reconsider everything up to that point. I didn't know how I would reply or even react when I saw him. I honestly had thought about it too, all the different scenarios that could possibly happen, how he could react to my responses, and if I could hold back my angry tears. Every time I thought I knew what I would say, and had it perfectly planned out in my head, every time I listened to another voicemail, or read another letter, it all turned into nothing. I had ignored everything as best as I could until one day.

I had opened the door happily, only to see his face right there, in front of me.

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