Gone But Not Forgotten

Jaden and Calista have been friends since the 4th grade. Now in high school, this story will tell what went through the in between years, and give you a story filled with passion, broken hearts, shattered dreams, and new beginnings!


7. New Beginnings.


Chapter 7:

Summer went by fast, too fast for our liking. Over the short 2 months, Jaden and I had gotten back to normal (but not completely). There were still times where there were awkward silences, and some things weren’t funny anymore, but something did take a change for the better. Jaden was treating me more like a girlfriend than just a best friend, and I have to admit I kind of liked it. He always hugged me now, even when we didn’t have to say goodbye, and there were times when I caught him staring at me…a lot. Things were going great, until we snapped back in reality… School was starting tomorrow. And not just school…middle school.. Different middle schools.


*RINGG RINGG* My alarm was going off..great. This was my first day of middle school…alone. Well a New Beginning right? I slowly drug myself to get ready. I came out to the dining room to a huge breakfast my mother had prepared, but I wasn’t hungry at all. I skipped breakfast and started walking to my bus stop. I caught the bus and sat by myself in an empty seat, the entire way. This was Jaden’s job to sit with me, but he wasn’t there. I walked off the bus trying to display the least bit of confidence. Here we go.


I came home and slammed the door. “What a day.” I thought to myself. Middle school is super intimidating. There are way too many twists and turns, if only I had some friends to help me out. But I did make one friend today: My Math Teacher. Big Whoop. The only one you could cheer me up was Jaden.*Knock Knock* “I wonder who that could be..not.” I murmured. To my surprise, Jaden was there with a big frown on his face. ‘So, let me guess your day was like mine?” “How was yours?” “It sucked.” I replied. “Exactly, did you make any new friends?” He replied. “Well not really…” “Oh, well I did..” He responded. “Her name is Jessica. And she’s pretty nice.” A pang of jealousy sent through me. Not only did he make a new friend, but it was a girl. No. I didn’t need to jump to conclusions. This girl couldn’t replace me, not a chance. “That’s great!” I perked up. “Yep, so you wanna go out for ice cream, my mom offered!?””Definitely!” I exclaimed.  

Maybe it would cheer me up. I mean there is always tomorrow…


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