Gone But Not Forgotten

Jaden and Calista have been friends since the 4th grade. Now in high school, this story will tell what went through the in between years, and give you a story filled with passion, broken hearts, shattered dreams, and new beginnings!


6. I'm Back


"Uh...Hi Mrs.....Callista!" I can tell Jaden expected to see my mother's face when I opened the door. Heck, I was suprised too! All I had wanted was to open the door and see the pizza delivery guy's face. I had ordered for what seemed like 5 hours ago, and he still hadn't arrived. I opened the door, to a familiar, uninvited face, Jaden. 

"Jaden? Oh..uh...I was just about to leave..." He cut me off. "Callista don't give me that crap. I have been trying to call, and come over for a month, and everytime I wanted to hear your voice, I got your mom's telling me that you were 'busy'. I know that wasn't true, and it wasn't fair either." I thought silently in my head It isn't fair? "After what you said to me, you come here and tell me...it isn't fair?", I told him. "Can I sit down and talk to you Callista?" "I really don't want you to come in here..." He had already pushed his way past me and headed toward the couch. I couldn't really stop him, because he was pretty strong..and I was well..me. "So what is it exactly you want to talk about? How much I'm ugly and not even a really good friend?" I said sarcastically. I noticed he flinched. "Callista, I know you haven't forgiven me, and probably won't but I'm here to apologize and explain why I said, what I said, so will you listen to me?" "Go on." 

After I said those words, he basically went on forever. He sat there and talked and talked while I had to take it all in. He explained to me how when he said those words to me, they just came out. he said he had no intention to hurt me and to say such awful things. How he was just sick of adults making him feel so young when they talked about us, and how it made him angry that he got made fun because of it. He stated how I really was his best friend, and he wanted everything to go back to normal. He begged for my forgiveness and told me that if he could take back that day that he would, and he would do it all over again. "So Callista, what do you say?" I honestly hadn't talked the whole time, I honestly had no clue what to say...as usual. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes, when the doorbell rang. I jumped up to get it, and sent a silent thank you to God for releasing me of this uneasy moment. I opened the door..finally! The pizza guy was here! I payed the nice man and set the food on the counter. I hadn't realized what a big grin on my face I had, until Jaden spoke up. "I see you've been waiting for that, 'ittle hungry eh? I couldn't help myself, I bursted out laughing. Way to break the tension Jaden. After I made us both plates, out of habit, I sat down across from him. "Jaden..I forgive you,  but I won't forget. You said some terrible things to me that really made me think bad about myself and our friendship, things may not be the same as they were before for a very long time, do you get what I'm saying?" "Thank you so much, Callista!" Then out of nowhere he hugged me. It was  actually really comforting, I hadn't had one of these in while, and I had to admit I missed them." 

After that, I asked the question that I was thinking about this entire month, "What middle school are you going to Jay?" "Well, I was thinking Berkley, my parents have already registered me." My heart sank. "I'm going to Pinewood..." I looked at Jaden, he looked super disappointed. "Maybe I could transfer to Pinewood, I mean it's a great school, and some of our old friends are going to be there right?" 'Jaden go ahead and go to Berkley, that's where you wanted to go and I know that you've wanted to go there forever, we can just hang out on the weekends and stuff, it will be cool." He hesitated."Okay, but promise we'll hang out a lot?" "Promise." I thought to myself: Another promise made, he didn't disappoint last time." 

Little did I know, It might have been a good idea to go to the same middle school. Things might have turned out entirely different...

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