Gone But Not Forgotten

Jaden and Calista have been friends since the 4th grade. Now in high school, this story will tell what went through the in between years, and give you a story filled with passion, broken hearts, shattered dreams, and new beginnings!


4. How Could He?


Chapter 4:

It was the last day of 5th grade. Mrs. Cynthia had prepared her homemade goodies, (ones that we always looked forward to.) She had placed them all onto our desks, with a box of tissues (knowing that we would need it.) As the class walked in we examined the room, just the thought of this being our very last day of elementary school together, made me want to burst into tears. "No! I can't not now, we haven't even stepped 2 feet into the classroom." 

For the next couple of hours, the classroom was spent making yearbooks that contained our entire elementary school days. Everyone was getting all emotional, I swear I caught a glimpse of a tear in Jaden's eyes, which made me want cry as well, but I didn't (that would make me look like a woos, and that was NOT happening!) Finally, the intercom came blaring out with our principal stating "Our Mighty, Mighty 5th graders need to come to the cafe for their 5th grade graduation!" The class all walked into the single file line for the last time, all dressed up in their suits and dresses. Our teacher took a picture of us, wanting to "capture the memory of her favorite class." 

During the ceremony, we all sat in apathetically order, and I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dylan. The  troublemaker-skater boy that always nagged me about being so smart. I know he was always trying to compliment me but come on! Every time an award was called before the announcer would say the name he would always whisper to me "Callista Jade." I was proud of me and Jaden when we walked out of the cafe with at least 4 awards in each hand. Everyone was expecting it though! All the 5th grade students walked out into the courtyard with mixed emotions of their faces. They were them greeted by fellow classmates, and proud parents. That's when two of our closets friend's moms walked and gave us a swallowing hug. "You guys are the cutest little couple in fifth grade", they exclaimed. Jaden looked at me with a displeasing look spreading across his face. That's when he laid it on them. "Me...and her? How could you even say that? Callista is ugly and I don't even consider her a good friend. She kinda makes me want to puke. She isn't even someone I would want to date..now or ever! Does that help change your minds?' He looked at them with a angry expression. The parents looked shocked, one even looked appalled. Although I hadn't noticed it, a couple of our friends had gathered around us to see what all the commotion was about. They were all staring at me with a worried and sad look. I looked at all of them and burst into tears. I bolted to the restroom, not wanted to show any signs of weakness. "How could he even say that to me? We are best friends...how about were? I can't believe it after all we have done together. I don't even know what to think anymore. I really, really, liked him. Some would say love, but that's a strong word for a kid my age." I just wanted to run away from all of this and never see Jaden again.

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