Gone But Not Forgotten

Jaden and Calista have been friends since the 4th grade. Now in high school, this story will tell what went through the in between years, and give you a story filled with passion, broken hearts, shattered dreams, and new beginnings!


2. Growing Up


Chapter 2: 

By now, it was the end of 4th grade, we had stirred up quite a lot in the past year. People had began to coagulate rumors, but we didn't care, we more like encouraged them. It had become a personal game of ours to spark people's attention and maybe just cause even more drama. What can I say, that's what best friends do, right?


All throughout the year, we had made a posse, I would say, we had a clique of friends that knew us well enough not to spread the rumors, and just be there with us to have a good time. It was a great year altogether.


Then came the 5th grade, we were waiting anxiously to find out what our new teacher would be, more like wanting to know if we had the same one. It was a short, but sweet summer, but not we were almost ready to go back to school.


It was orientation day, and to our luck, we not only had the same teacher, but to everyone's knowledge she was the sweetest and most caring one as well. I would say this is when things had started to reach a turning point in our lives. Our world was about to strike reality as we entered this new school year with confidence, and ready to rule our school. It was our year to shine, not only as individuals, but together. The rumors would turn cruel, and our friendship would be tested. Even though we were only entering 5th grade, who knew what would be held up against. We were strong enough, though, to face whatever would come our way.

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