Cloves Last Minuites

My fan fiction is in cloves point of view and how she is the only tribute to come close of killing Katniss twice in the arena of the hunger games


2. Morning has come

I have woken up and Cato is sleeping. he looks so cute when he sleeps and this is why i have to go and get him this medicine he will love me forever if i get it for him he will look so cute in his outfit. So the cornucopia is only 5 minutes away i can get there before anyone else does. I was wrong. There she was fox face the evil little cow she has been stalking on us nearly all the way through these games she has been trying to make us eat poisonous berry's by putting them in our backpack making us think it was food but i was a bit smarter than what she was expecting i new every type she put in my bag and Cato s before the games and i will no them till the very day i die but i am not going to kill her yet she is to easy as a target and it looks like she has a few weapons so i'm just going to wait. 1 minute later she has got her stuff and has left very quickly so i went to grab mine and hopefully get a bonus by seeing if there is any weapons hidden in the back. There i was turning the corner of the cornucopia when there is Katniss by the table with the bags of what we need i grab my dagger and throw as hard as i could but she ducks and it scrapes her head  leaving a massive cut she shoots her arrows i panic and jump up near the cornucopia pushing my foot off it bouncing 2 meters away from katniss i make a run and grab her pulling her to the ground i fight trying to be dominant and i force her hands to the ground with my knees as i get my knife and start messing with it as i tell her about how we killed her pathetic friend rue and how its her turn she starts to try and make her way out of my grip so i put my other knife to her neck and she makes out a scream i then feel a massive tug on my jacket it was the one person i have not seen since the blood bath THRESH. He starts screaming saying if it was me who killed rue i start saying no no and then scream for cato "CATO , CATO" i must of woke him up because thresh grabs a rock and smashes it against my head giving me eternal bleeding so i lie there on the floor each second im closer to dieing and then all i hear is " Clove where are you"

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