Cloves Last Minuites

My fan fiction is in cloves point of view and how she is the only tribute to come close of killing Katniss twice in the arena of the hunger games


1. Found At the cornucopia

Me and Cato lay snuggled up together as a parachute off our sponsors came down beeping i was so happy it was a brand new set of knives razor sharp and perfect for the rest of the hunger games hopefully i will win with them. I know me and Cato can pull through this we are strong and we can win this together and bring food and glory to our district. To be very honest i'm happy glimmer is gone people were saying that she was with Cato and that there the star crossed lovers but it is all ruined for them because they are not from the same district and he is mine. I snuggle up to Cato to get warm when the booming voice of the game makers booms around the arena saying                                                                                                                     " There is something you all need to help you win so we are going to be holding a feast at the cornucopia good look"                                                                                                                                                         First thing they stopped talking a new what we needed Cato was injured his face was all messed up with blood it made me so upset to see him like this because i love his gorgeous face and the warmth i get off him so i knew that i should risk my life to be with him and to make him happy because he makes me so happy and the love he gives me ever since glimmer died is irresistible i love him so much he is like my protector. i wake Cato in the middle of the night to tell Cato that i am going to get him that medicine but he keeps telling me no you cant risk your life for me i love you to much for you to disappear from my life i love you clove so please don't risk your life just to save me we will get through this together so i tell him fine and that i wont leave but i hate to see him like this so i snuggle up and wait for morning.

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