Cloves Last Minuites

My fan fiction is in cloves point of view and how she is the only tribute to come close of killing Katniss twice in the arena of the hunger games


3. Cato finds me

"Clove where are you , Clove " he starts to cry and i can only make a little yelp for him "Cato help me" dont worry clove im here come on im here we can get through this as he says this he has tears flowing down his face like he is about to cry but i cant hold on i can only make a whisper now so i say " cato try and win for me " after i say that i have gone my misery has all gone and i am now at peace watching over them up here looking after them trying to help in whatever way i can but obviously its not enough to save him he is now with me in the clouds. 

By Clato13

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