Daddy Direction

Read the book to find out what the book is about :) Oh and a one direction fanfic!!!!!



authors note : well im so sorry loviess havent  updated any of my stories highschool is a pain ughhhh anyways I will be posting a chapter after this omfg who heard litttle things I live that freakin song it made me cry ahhhh ok so im doing a contest  NIALLS gf is already taken by someone  but in this story zayn and harry fall in love with hope and liamm is part of her life 2 but not in a gf and bf way  hes with dani in this story even though in real life there ;( but in here they are . but someone could me louis gf just put a description of you and a sport or a hobbie you do well hope ppl do it well im gonna update a chapter noww bye loviess  oh and just saying in the story they are in england but i use american terms bvuz i dont want ppl to not understand  but it might slipp out bcuz its hard bcuz its my natural lanauage but if i do and ur from america and dont understand just tell me i will explain kk bye 

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