Daddy Direction

Read the book to find out what the book is about :) Oh and a one direction fanfic!!!!!


4. Chapter 2

EMILYS POV (friend) : 

We were all hanging out just being stupid. But hope and josh went to go talk. We all knew josh had a thing for hope but he was to scared to ask hope. I really think josh is going to tell her because they would be a cute couple. I mean look how pretty hope is, and Josh is MAD hot! Omg here they come are they holding hands? YES they are ! I knew it Im so happy for them.   


 HOPES POV : Josh asked me out, I never thought josh would like me. Well this is what happen, He  asked to talk to me when he confussed his feelings for me. I couldnt say no I mean cmon he is adorble and he is such a great guy so I said YES. I know kyle will be mad at josh but he will get over it. Me and kyle and kayla have a reltionship that cant be broken itonly gets stronger. We walked back hand in hand. Of course everyone asked so I told the girls He told the boys. Kyle just left because he was mad I was going to go after him until naomi his sister stopped me and said he needs space I nodded and  went back to were we were hanging out. 

A/N: Sorry to confuse you but 1D boys are famous in this it goes better in the story you will see ok back to the story.....

ZAYNS POV:  Me and the boys decided  to go after that girl we saw earler because I wouldntstop talking about her. So we started walking towards the Park that was like 5 blocks near us we heard them say they were going there. When we finally saw that beatiful girl with a whole bunch of friends with her playing football. My kind of girl a football player.


HARRY POV:  We were trying to find that girl zayns obessed with I haft to admit she was really beatiful. The way her curly her falls down her shoulders, They way her big eyes sparkle. Oh my god HARRY stop I mentally slapped myself. Shes for zayn...zayn...zayn. Oh wait why cant she be with me, Shes not a toy she can like me ant not zayn.

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