Daddy Direction

Read the book to find out what the book is about :) Oh and a one direction fanfic!!!!!


3. Chapter 1


Me and kyle and kayla are just hanging out like we always do. I just left my house my parents dont even care about me. After my 19 year old brother josh was killed, me and my sisters became nothing to them. Anyways me and kyle were walking to kaylas house Talking some werid teenager yelled to us awwww cute couple. Kyle yelled back Thanks. I laughed and yelled yea umm no we are just friends. There were 5 of them the one who yelled had a Irish accent.

ZAYN POV : Me and the boys were sitting on our front pourch just hanging out.(1D not famous). And this beatiful girl came walking across the street but of course she had a boyfriend. She was so cute but she looked like 15 or maybe 16. Im 18 years old. All the boys saw me staring and liams spoke for the rest of the boys by saying hey mate stop drooling over her. I laughed then said Im not! The laughed harry then said yeah sure your not. Then Niall being dum Yells cute couple! The boy yelles back THANKS! Then the beatiful girl laughes and yells back We are just friends! Then the kept walking I watched her until I couldnt see her anymore.

HOPES POV: we finally got to kaylas house and she grabbed her phone and started walking to us. We got to the park we saw our friends there emily,jess,naomi,joshua,steve. We were all reall close. We started hanging out with them and I noticed joshua being distant from me. So me being crazy ran to him jumped on his back and said hey joshuieee. He laughes gives me a piggy back ride and says Hope I need to talk to you by the way he looked at me I knew it was something important.

A/N : HEYY guyss i updated 4 my readers and 4 one special person angelfire (dont know the #s) bcuz she said she was going to die :) lol anyways I tried my best with corrections. And With American terms sorry if i used bristish I was rushing :( but if ur a american cant understand plz tell me ;) ok well byeee loviess


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