Hi im Josie Richardsen, Im 18 years old and im on the U.S. Wemons gymnastics team, or was, after i broke my ankle in the midle of my flore ruteen, during the olympics, im now on cut wich means that im on a brake. I dont have a stedy relationship at the moment but eventully love will come fid me. i thought it was just a normal halloween night when i met hairy, i was surfing the beautyfull waves in cali, when i met nile, he was complamenting my singing.


2. kiss.

Josies POV.

i got harry styles #, am i dreaming, iv never been a fan of one direction, but the fact that one of the members asked me for my #.''hannah, lego, were going to be late'' i yelled from the kiten of my small appartment that i shar with my best friend hannah lisonbee.''chil, besides, were not invited to the party, we have to perform'' hanna yelled. me and hannah work as back up dancers to ern money for colleg and crap like that.''ok redy'' she said, she walkid out in the same outfit as me. ''ow, ow, ow, someonr is dressed up for olly,'' i say to her, we work for all the big singers in hollywood,'' i dont like him i like, well i dont know hew i like yet'' she said with her arms in the air. ''SHIT!, were ganna be late.'' i screamed as we ran out the dore and to olly mers house, thats were the beach front party is.

2 houres later

josies pov.

'' GREAT GOB Gob guys'' olly anounced right as we finished perfourming for his pary guests. ''well everybody caroke compitition time'' olly yelld to the croud, ''go up you great'' hannah encoreged me.'' ok fine'' as i walk up to the mic, there they were to members of one direction ''well hellow there'' harry said to me, and remember i have a mask on so he doesent reconize me.'' hi im jo and i will be kiking your but tonight'' i replied'' fisty much'' nial says back.

niles pov.

''well me and harry will be singing live wile your youn'' and as we finish, jo looked like she was excited to go, i mean after the performence we just gave theres no way she could win,'' ok im jo and ill be singing what the hell by averal lavighn'' she said. wow!!!!!!!!!! she good.'' well then looks like we have a winner, jo!!!'' olly sang out loaud. she was amazeing and better yet, shes preety to.'' well jo, you have a good set of lungs there'' ''well thank you mister horan,'' she said ith a proud look on her face.'' do you wanna go take a walk on the beach'' i asked her nervisly,'' id love to but i have my job so..'' olly cut her off'' jo your welcome to go.'' olly said'' thanks olls, well nial horan looks like i can go, just lest me go and chang into something more, well, compfy.'' she said with a smile on her face.

josies pov.

''redy, nile'' i asked as i waled out the bathroom dore with my black, sporty bikini on and a beach skarf reped around my hips,'' wow, you look, good, and ya im redy to go'' he said to me with his jay wide open '' my eyes are up here'' i said jokeingly when i noticed him staring at my but. '' o sorry, its just.'' '' i know im toned''  i said ''hell ya'' he said looking down again. ''so, jo'' '' actully its josie, but olls and zayn call me jo'' o and did i mention, zayn and me are like siblings,'' wait zayn, like one direction zayn'' nail asked '' o ya, did he not tell you about me/'' i asked sadly'' no he does, alot actully but he says that your always to busy when ever one of us askes if we can meet you'' nial says'' well i am busy alot or i was but now im pretty much free all the time, besides when im danceing or at the gym, so not all the time'' i say to nial.'' look nile'' but he cut me off with a kiss, it wasnt needy or, weird, it was nice, worm and sweet. '' o wow, im so sorry josie, i dont know were that came from'' this time i cut him off '' its ok, it was sweet'' i said in responce to what he just barly said, but dont trll zayn that did, dont even tell him we ment, its better that way'' i say to niak''

niles pov.

''wait does this mean that we wont ever kiss again'' i mumbul but she aviously heres me '' no i would love to kiss again but lets just stay under the rateare, and im also seeing another guy, not like a boyfriend, but just to let you know,'' josie says wile looking inti my eyes.'' im ok eith that, so can i have you #'' i ask her ''nope, ill see you tomarow, meet me at ice cream shope by lugoona beach'' she says to me.

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