Hi im Josie Richardsen, Im 18 years old and im on the U.S. Wemons gymnastics team, or was, after i broke my ankle in the midle of my flore ruteen, during the olympics, im now on cut wich means that im on a brake. I dont have a stedy relationship at the moment but eventully love will come fid me. i thought it was just a normal halloween night when i met hairy, i was surfing the beautyfull waves in cali, when i met nile, he was complamenting my singing.


1. Chapter One: Wip Out

Harys POV.

ok you can do this, just go out and do it! "Hi are you here for a  surfing lesson" a beautyfull girl with long brown hair asked me. "Um... Ya i am, sorry i was zoned out" i replied. " Its cool, Im Josie, And your harry?" "um... Yes, yes i am, and may i say your are a verry beautyfull young lady" i said, " your such a flurt, but thanks for the complament, you are to" the girl named josie said " not relly" i say with a sad look on my face. " Look, dont dini it just take the comlament, ok" " ok, so shal we start love?''

Josies POV.

wow, this guy is relly cute, and so cheky"ok, shal we start love?'' harry asked me. "o, yes sorry harry!'' 30 miniutes went buy. '' well harry you look good, shal we go into the water'' i asked him. '' yes, if you come with me'' he said chekily. '' wouldent miss it for the world''. ''o, and love, what else do you do brsides surf'' he asked me.'' o, im a, well im on the us womens gymnastics team, but im on cut beacus i broke my ankle and now i have to recover, well recover from being out of a cast'' i said, '' fasinateing, well lets go on in then'' he says to me with a mile long smile. wow hes a good surfer, i mean for his first lesson and all.'' harry wach out'' i scream right befor a huge wave hits him, i jump of my board and swim in his direction, looking for him everywere, as soon as i spot him a swim to him and i swim the both of us back to shore, hes still breathing but not enouf to live, i start to give him cpr and then his eyes flutter open,

Harrys POV.

'' harry wach out'' is all i here, then it goes back, nwxt thing i know om on the beach and someones giveing me cpr, but it feels mor like a kiss, so kiss back, it was pasonate, lovely, worm.'' harry you ok'' i here as she pulls away,'' josie, wow, um ya im good, um, will you like to come to a costume party tonight with me?'' i ask her. "Um harry, i would love to but iv got other plans, im so sorry'' she said in reply, '' thats ok maybe some other time then'' we exanged #'s and then went our seprate ways.


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