Wild Child*Harry Styles Love Story*

There right when they say girls just want to have hard well at least Madi it is she is a free spirt and will do anything she lives by YOLO but what happens when she runs into Harry Styles? Will they fall for each other? Will her partying get to him? Will everything end up in tragity????


1. #YOLO

Madi POV

I pulled up to my hotel as i sent my last text to my best friend Sierra paid the driver and grabbed my bags as i walked into the hotel i was amazed by the size an beauty of it i walked ujp to the check-in desk where a lady stood with her hair in a bun and glasses on

me- hi i am here to check in

Woman- and what is your last name

me- Cooper

Woman- here you are floor 22 room 2234

me- thanks

i had reserved this hotel room for the whole summer so i could do what ever i wanted party, drink, have sex you name it i will do it i puse the up button on the elevator and waited the doors finally opened i walked in and looked over to see a curl haired boy and i have to admit he was hot

me- hi i am madi

?- harry

he held out is hand i accepted this elevator came to a stop i looked at the floor number 22 i grabbed my bag and walked out harry followed behind me i looked at the room numbers and finally reached 2234 i looked down the hall and harry was next to me he unlocked his door and walked in and i did the same i was astonded by what i saw a gigantic bedroom a walk in closet a giant bathtub i am in love with my hotel room i sat my stuff down and grabed a piece of paper and a pen

Places to have sex




Rug in Dining room


Table in living room

i hung that in my closet on the bulition board and started to unpack to try to find something to where tonight i finally came across a short purple dress with no sleeves and some high heels i put is on and did my hair and make up and to be honest i looked like a hoe but i just want to live whle i am young so i grabbed my purse and headed out the door lucky for me the first club i am going to is the one in my hotel i walk downstairs and there stands harry looking damn hot i go to the bar and ordered a red bull and vodka one of my favs i skimmed the room for a hot guy but i kept finding myself thinking of harry i looked over at the seat next to me and there he was

me- hey

harry- now what is a pretty girl like you doing here all alone

me- i don't know why don't you change that

harry- maybe i will

we had shots and talked for a while until i leaned close to his ear and said

me- my room

he shook his head and i got up and we ran to the elevator i pushed 22 and before i knew it we were making out in the elevato i heard the ding we ran to my room i unlocked it and slammed the door and harry slammed he agianst the wall and kissed down my neck i let out a small moan i lifted his shirt up and threw it to a corner he started to unzip my dress i wrapped my legs around his waist

harry- bed

i pointed to two white doors and he walked to it he threw me down on the bed and slipped my dress and heels off then got on top of me i quickly took off his pants and thew them to a corner harry started to kiss down my body til he reached it he slipped my thong off and then took him bowers off

me- h-h-harry i need you now

i saw a smirk grow on harrys face before he thrusted into me i moaned his name as the he started thrusting faster i screamed his name he took himself out of me and iwent down to pleassure him i put my lips around his hard dick and sucked while moving up and downhe moan loudly as i finished i crawled back up him and kisse dunder his ear before dossing off

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