If they only knew { 15+ }

Ashley Stanford is your average 19 year old girl. She lives in California with her mom, dad and big brother Connor. Her life seemed perfect, she had a lot of friends, her family is wealthy, good grades, until one night her best friend forced her to go out for an night. She did thing that will make her regret everything, ending up hurting the people she loves the most.


1. He's just a one night stand

Ashley's P.O.V

"Ash please just tonight" my best friend Molly whined. I'm Ashley and today is my 19th birthday and I've pretty much done nothing than sitting in my bed with Molly watching some telly.

"No Molly I'm not that kind of girl" I said and got out of my bed. I got up to my closet, yes I have an walk in, and looked around. I don't know why but I love to do it, just stand in there looking at my clothes.

"This is about Tyler isn't it?" She assumed and walked up behind me. Tyler was my boyfriend, I saw him with another girl on the last party I went to, and that wasn't the only time he had done it so since then I don't really like to go out.

"No" I said and jumped on my bed again grabbing my phone and went on Twitter.

"Well then come with me" She whined again and sat down next to me. My eyes were still glued on my phone but it would be nice to go out every now or then.

"Fine" I sighted.

"Yaaay Oh my god this is going to be so much fun" She said and ran up to my closet pulling out loads of diffrent dresses. I rolled my eyes and sat up. She mademe try on dresses for ages until I found one that caught my attention, It was a black short tight dress, I took it and changed. It fitted perfectly, Molly gave me a pair of black heels. It looked great actually

"Now onto hair and makeup" Molly said and sat me down on my bed again. After an half hour she was done. My hair was curly at the end and I had an smokey eye.

"Thanks babe" I said and hugged her. She nodded and grabbed a dress and changed into it. Her dress were like mine but a bit longer, she had strighten her hair and had a lots more make up than me. She was now 7:08 pm so we went downstairs to the kitchen.

"Hey mom me and Molly are going out tonight" I said as I gave her an hug and walked out from the kitchen.

"Happy birthday sweetie" She shouted after me.

"Hey Ash where you guys going?" Connor shouted from the livingroom, we both walked back and stood in the door.

"Out" was the only answer he got. I actually got an car for my 18th birthday but I'm planning to get wasted tonight for once.

"Why aren't we taking the car?" Molly whined as we walked to the nearest club.

"I'm getting wasted tonight" I said and kept walking. Tyler really ruined that for me, before him I was the popular girl in school, but after I saw him with that girl my self esteem went down low. But I'm back now.

"My Ash is back bitcheeees" She screamed. I laughed and we arrived. The club were crouded so we made our way to the bar immediately. Molly ordered two shots and we drank them. I sat down on an chair with a beer in my hand. Molly had left somewhere with some guy so I was pretty much on my own. I saw a very cute blond haired boy on the edge of the bar, our eyes met for an split second and he smiled. I took a sip of my beer and looked up again but he was gone.

"Hey babe" I heard a cute irish accent whisper in my ear. I smiled and turned around and there he was.

"Hey" I said and smiled.

"I'm Niall" he said and sat down next to me.

"I'm Ashley" I said and took the last sip from my beer. Niall looked at me with the biggest grin on his lips.

"Wanna dance gorgeous?" He asked and reached out his hand. I smiled and took it. We walked out on the dance floor my hand still in his. Our bodys were close to each other as a slow song came on. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck. We stared into each others eyes. He leaned in so did I, our lips met and sparkles flew in every direction. He licked my lower lips asking for entrance. Our tounges met and explored each other, he pulled me closer to him filling the empty space between us. He started to kiss down my neck, that's it I can take it anymore. I dragged him outside the club, I stopped and turned around. He had the biggest grin on his face.

"My place?" He smirked. I grinned and nodded. He shouted after a taxi and we were of to his place. We got out from the taxi and I could see that even him couldn't hold it in. We walked into an tall building and we waited for the elevator. As soon as it came he pulled me into it and started to kiss my neck. A moan escaped my mouth and I could feel him smile. The elevator door opened and he wrapped his arm around my waist. We got to a door and he unlocked it. He slammed the door and started to kiss me.

Our tounges played with each other as we both tried to undress us. Before we knew it my dress and panties were on the opposite side of the room. He laid me down carefully on his bed, still kissing me. I sat up and took his white boxers off. He grinned and pushed me down on his bed. He kissed my neck, collarbone, breast, then down to my bellybuttom. I moaned and I could feel him smile. He looked up at me and I nodded in confirmation, he smiled and went to the lower area. Moan after moan escaped my lips.

"I want you" I said between moans. He smirked and entered me. I screamed in pleasure as he thrusted in and out slowly. He picked up the paste and I moaned more than ever now. After an hour of trying everything, and I mean everything we both laid down next to each other catching our breath, both smiling like idiots. I heard something vibrate from the pile of our clothes. We both sighted and got up. I took my black thongs on again and he his white boxers, we ran around the room searching after the vibrating phone. I found it and of course it had to be mine. I unlocked it without looking who it was.

"Hello?" I said.

"Ash?! Where the hell are you?!" Molly shouted from the other end.

"Gosh chill Molly" I said while trying to get dress. I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist pulling me back to the bed. I smiled and turned around. His icyblue eyes were staring right into mine. I seriously melted right there.

"ASH!?" Molly shouted.

"What do you want?" I moaned when Niall hit my sweet spots on my neck.

"Ash, just go home" She said and hung up. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:48am. I threw my phone away and started to kiss Niall, our tounges met again and played with each other.

"Niall I have to go" I said and pulled away.

"Why?" He said and sounded disappointed. I looked him in the eyes, no Ashley, no. You can't like him, he's just a one night stand.

"My friend is a retard" I sighted and kissed him one last time. I took my phone and just walked out. Away from Niall. I stumbled home to me and opened the door as quietly as I could. It was oddly quiet tonight I know that it's late but Connor is usally up at this time. But I'm to tired to think about that so I just jumped on my bed and fell asleep at once.

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