Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


3. The Song

The next morning I woke up slightly happier that my first day was over with but quickly remembered that I had to face the beasts otherwise known as Holly, Megan and Nicole. At least I have Harry back and Andy too.

I dragged myself out of bed and quickly got dressed into a casual floral dress, a light wash cropped denim jacket and a pair of brown brogues. As you've probable noticed I don't exactly stick to one fashion style. I then once again plaited my hair to the side and put minimal make up on my face.

"Morning Livvy" my dad greeted me as I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. While I waited for my toast to jump out of the toaster I decided to check my phone but as always I expected nothing.

For once there was actually a text. I smiled when I saw who it was from. And also what he set his name as.

Harry the sexiest man alive who Livvy loves:

Good morning beautiful ;) x

I giggled like a child at the text Harry sent me but realised my dad was staring at me like I was insane.

"Are you alright?" my dad asked looking both humorous and worried at the same time.

"what....yeah yeah I'm great" I replied still staring at my phone and grinning like an idiot.

My toast then popped out of the toaster literally giving me a heart attack when I realised I was going to miss my bus. I grabbed the toast, put a spoon of nutella in my mouth and ran out the door after telling my dad goodbye.

There at the bus stop was Andy who I was more than glad to see.

"Hey are you ok?" she asked obviously referring to yesterday.

"yeah I'm fine actually me and Harry made up" I told her again smiling like a fool. I then remembered I hadn't replied to Harry yet.

"wait a second what happened last night?" Andy asked wiggling her eyebrows at me.

I spoke as I replied to him rather quickly.

To Harry the sexiest man alive who Livvy loves:

Morning Haz ;) how's your morning going? X

I sent the text and continued talking with Andy until the bus arrived. We both sat beside each-other and chatted away which included me telling her about my night with Harry last night. I'm still not sure what it wasn't a date right?

As I was talking I was also texting Harry and you'd really swear I was a thirteen year old girl squealing over her idol.

When the bus arrived at school I decided I wasn't going to give the blondes that satisfaction of looking hurt or embarrassed. Instead I was going to hold my had high and enjoy my day at school.

My first class was Music which Harry was in so I was really excited. I grabbed my books from my locker and ran to room 48. I made it just in time for class to begin and found that Harry had saved a place beside him.

"Livvy over here!" Harry grinned as he saw me enter the room and I quickly made my way over to the chair beside him. How cute is is that he made sure there was an empty seat beside him for me. I couldn't help but wonder though. Is all this because he feels sorry for me. That he has to make it up to me for yesterday somehow?

I blocked the thoughts out of my head and turned my attention to the teacher at the front of the room.

"Good Morning class, today I have seen we have a new student called Olivia! Please welcome her" I heard sniggers from Holly and her gang who were unfortunately in my class. I secretly hoped she had the voice of a crow. I don't exactly have the best voice but I begged I was better than her. "My name is Mr.Whitmore and I will be your music teacher for the year" I smiled and waited for him to tell us what we were going to be doing today.

"Today we will be practicing duets. So please pick a partner and choose an appropriate song. At the end of the week you will sing with your partner at the top of the class. We will then pick a winner and the winners will perform at the school assembly." I groaned on the inside at the thought of this. There's no way I can sing in front of the whole school. I hope to god we don't win. Wait I still need a partner.

"Now break and choose your partners" I immediately looked over at Andy and saw she was already partnered with a boy named Chris. Shit what am I going to do now. I looked around frantically and suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and saw the green eyes I love so much.

"Care to be my partner?" Harry asked and gave me a wink. I smiled and grinned at the boy with the curly hair.

"nothing would please me more" I replied and we began choosing a song.

"What about The A-Team by Ed Sheeran?" (I realise this song wasn't out three years ago but still) We had already discussed nearly fifty songs at this point but I felt this could actually be the one.

We both practised singing the song and that is when I fell in love with Harry's voice. He was completely and utterly amazing. His voice almost brought tears to my eyes.


"Daddy was a nice singuh?" Darcy asked. She had no idea that her dad was in one of the most successful boy bands ever and I didn't exactly want her to know just yet but she's going to find out soon.

"He was a gorgeous singer Darcy. He still is." I explained and she started smiling like mad. "he even told me I could sing. I loved to sing too."


"That was amazing Harry, you're really good" I complimented Harry in astonishment as we finished the song. "I think this is the song"

"Thanks Liv. That means a lot coming from you." he smiled at me and began packing his guitar away as we only had about five minutes of class left. "I think this is the song too. Let's just practice it until the end of the week. Want to meet at my house to practice later?" he asked me and I felt like screaming in his face Yes! But I knew that would definitely freak him out. Just a tad.

"Sure I'd love to what time?" I replied as the teacher told us class was finished.

"I'll pick you up around seven?" he asked and we parted ways to go to different classes.

"Don't forget to have your song learned off with your partner by Friday!" the teacher reminded us and I wasn't panicking at all. It's Tuesday now. Three days to practice with Harry and we already know our song.

I looked at my timetable and saw art was next. Then I had to face lunch. I grabbed my art stuff from my locker and overheard Holly and Nicole talking in a corridor. I listened in as I was curious to hear if they were talking about me. Sure enough they were. "She's such a loser. Harry's just hanging out with her because he feels sorry for her!" I heard Nicole comment and deep down I knew it was true. "I heard she moved here because everyone heated her in her old school." holly added and I rolled my eyes. She doesn't know anything about my life. Not a thing. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I thought about my mother. How could she just leave me like this?

I fought the tears as much as I could and went to find my art class that I had been looking forward to so much.

I was surprisingly early so it was just me and the teacher.

"Oh you must be Olivia!" the slightly overweight woman wearing a navy apron greeted me with a smile. This must be Ms.Halsley. "My name is Ms.Halsley. I'm your art teacher!" she smiled once again and called me to her desk.

"so tell me are you an aspiring artist?" she asked as I stood on the other side of her table. "actually yes. I've been drawing all my life. It sort of...let's me express myself" I saw her eyes light up when I told her this. Maybe this will be the one class where I can actually be the best?

"I can already tell you're going to be an excellent addition to this class! Now take a seat the rest of the class will be here in a moment." I smiled and nodded at her before going to find a chair. I took my pad and art pack out and waited for the rest of the people to enter. Thank god none of the blondes were in this class. Sadly neither Andy or Harry were in this class though. I guess this is a blessing in disguise.

Ms.Halsley didn't introduce me to this class which was a relief. I didn't really want anymore death stares coming my way for today. Instead she gave us a project which I was quite happy with.

"Today I'm giving you a project that some of you will find incredibly easy and others will struggle with. You just have to paint your feelings. Anything that comes to mind you paint!" She looked directly at me when she said this. This project was definitely aimed at me and I'm going to make my teacher proud.

I took an easel from the back of the art room and set it up. I then placed the canvas on it and began painting. Forty minutes later and the class was over although it felt like less than five seconds had passed. I painted exactly what was in my head today. Happiness. But although I tried to paint my happiness, the loneliness and hurt I was still feeling managed to creep its way onto my work.

I managed to paint my mother even though she died over six months ago. I also painted Harry's eyes. Then there was the hand that represented holly slapping me and a house to represent me moving from my home. I didn't get to actually paint it all I could do was draw it today but planned to do that in the next class.

"I will collect your work that you have started from your desk when you have left so I can evaluate them so please leave your canvases in sight" with that she released us from the room and I left for lunch. What a fun experience this will be!

I walked hesitantly into the canteen which had now been filled with people. I looked around for Harry or Andy and finally spotted Harry at a table. He just wasn't with the person I exactly wanted to see right now.

I was going to pretend I didn't see him and leave without being noticed to find Andy but of course Harry had to spot me.

"Olivia!" i scrunched up my face at my name being called and immediately stopped in my tracks. Great! I turned hesitantly to see him smiling at me in the middle of the canteen. The girls around him immediately scowled at me but I didn't care. Harry wants to see me and that's all I care about.

"Harry" I smiled as I walked over to their table to annoy the blondes.

I sat down next to him and began to eat my lunch. "how was art?" he asked when I made myself comfortable. "spilled some paint did you klutz?" Holly growled as shelled my chest hardly. I looked down to see a smudge of blue paint on my dress. "shut it Holly!" Harry snapped at her and I couldn't help but smile at him sticking up for me.

I decided to ignore her comment and talk about my class. My lunch actually turned out pretty well and the rest of the school day flew by.

I thought I would walk home after school because it was a beautiful day and I was in a relatively good mood. As I was walking I started to daydream and somehow managed to bump straight into someone.

"oh my god I'm so sorry" I replied as I began to hurriedly pick us the persons shopping bag that I had knocked off him. As I looked at the person his once hardened gaze softened when he saw me.

"it's fine don't worry about it" the tall dark stranger smiled at me as I brushed myself off. "what's your name?" he asked as he subtly checked me out. I thought it was cute though.

"oh I'm Olivia. My friends call me Livvy though" I replied smiling at him. "And you?"

"Skye" He replied confidently and I couldn't help but look at his light blue eyes that actually looked like the sky. They were beautiful. "Do you maybe want to meet up sometime?"

"Sure" I replied but couldn't help but think of Harry. I mean it's not like we're together. We're just good friends.

"Ok well here's my number Livvy. I'll see you around" with that he shot me one last smile. Winked at me and walked off.

I couldn't help but grin as I walked the rest of the way home. By the time I got back it was already five. I should get my homework done...

I practically zoomed through the homework I had gotten that was due tomorrow and showered all before Harry arrived.

I changed out of my paint splattered floral dress and put it in my wash basket. I then put on a pair of high waisted shorts, a navy tank top and an oversized white flowy top over it with a pair of navy flats. For once I decided to leave my hair down. So I brushed out my waves and redid my makeup with my usual eyeliner on my top lid.

I finished just on time for Harry to ring my doorbell. I ran down the stairs and rushed to open it before anyone else could.

"Ready to go?" Harry asked casually as he smirked at me.

"Yup!" I replied cheerily and grabbed my jacket to leave. I got into Harry's car and we drove to his house.

"You look really beautiful tonight Livvy" Harry complimented me and I blushed.

"You look pretty dapper yourself" I laughed at myself saying the word dapper but it was the truth. Harry was wearing a pair of dark tight fitting jeans, a v neck white t-shirt and a pair of white high tops. Let's just say he wasn't too bad on the eyes that night.

The drive was full of conversation and I couldn't have been happier next to him.

"I think that should do it for tonight" I said yawning as it was nearly eleven and we had been practicing for hours. Ok scratch that....we actually spent hours messing around, having popcorn fights, watching a movie and teasing each-other. About twenty minutes was spent practicing our song.

"Do you want a lift home?" Harry asked as I stood up to leave. "if you don't mind?" I replied.

"it's no problem. Now come on" he stood up to drive me home as he grabbed his keys.

The next couple of days I spent hanging out with Andy and Harry.I even texted Skye a couple of times and I was starting to really like him. I think he likes me too. Harry and I practiced a lot for the song and the more I came to love his voice. He doesn't even realise how much talent he has...

Before we knew it. It was friday and time to perform the song. I watched as couple after couple went up. Most of them were actually together and the chemistry they had really showed. I held back my laughter as Holly came up to sing with one of the jocks Jason and made a complete fool of herself. I even saw Harry's eyes watering at one point.

Time passed way too quickly and it was time for Harry and I to go up and sing...

My heart was beating a million times a second and I was honestly scared I was going to mess up. All of that soon went away as Harry grabbed my hand and gave me the confidence I needed.


"Did you and daddy win?" Darcy asked me. I could see she was beginning to get tired but she was struggling to stay awake to her about her father. She yawned and then opened her eyes even wider to show she wasn't tired.

"You'll have to wait and listen baby" I told her and cuddled her into my chest. I then went back to the story.

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