Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


5. The Party Disaster

I stepped out of Andy's car still nervous but less after her pep talk to me. I'm pretty sure Harry's parents don't know this party is going on...

There's basically our whole year here and it looks as if there will be drinking. That's what I need right now. Some beer. I know I'm fifteen but with the life I've had I've done more than drink.

I walked into the house and the smell of alcohol reeked through the hallway. Everywhere I walked people were either making out or drinking. I wandered around looking for Harry hopefully finding him before he was completely hammered.

I soon managed to find him sitting on his couch in their gaming room. He was surrounded by the popular guys in school but the second he saw me he jumped in excitement. Thank god he's not angry at me. When he got the chance to actually look at me his jaw dropped.

"You look amazing Liv" he smiled at me and took my hand to bring us somewhere where we could actually talk without being made out with. He brought me into his room and we sat on his bed. I've never actually been in Harry's room so this was a first for me.

"Look Harry I'm sorry I told you the way I did about Skye and I. It wasn't the right way" I told him genuinely as I took his hands in mine. He smiled weakly.

"It's fine Liv. You're obviously happy with Skye and that makes me happy too. If you like him then so do I" Harry is honestly the sweetest guy ever. And so understanding. Why doesn't he have a girlfriend?

"What about you Harry? Don't you have every girl swinging out of your arms?" I asked as I nudged his arm playfully. He shoved my arm off and laughed lightly.

"The truth is I only have eyes for one girl" his big green eyes sparkled into mine as he spoke and I honestly felt jealous that he liked another girl. I don't know why though. I have Skye. He's my boyfriend and Harry seems to be on my mind twenty four seven,

A lump appeared in my throat. "A-and who's that?" I asked trying to sound remotely normal. He squeezed my hands even tighter and tried to reach my gaze although I wouldn't let him. I couldn't look into his eyes as he told me about some other girl. That would hurt too much. I don't think I could handle it.

Without warning Harry leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against mine. I froze for a moment but all the feelings I had kept locked up inside me flowed out and I kissed back. Harry was so gentle and sweet. The kiss though was passionate and I could see fireworks. This was nothing like Skye's kiss. I didn't want to stop but the moment Skye popped into my head all the guilt I was about to feel suddenly smacked me in the face. What am I doing? I just kissed another guy and I liked it.

I broke away from Harry quickly and he looked a mixture of hurt and confusion. I ran out of the room and tried to hide from Harry finding me. I ran down the hall into someone else's room. I shoved open the door and closed it behind me. As I turned around the sight before me felt like I was being stabbed in the back.

This was Gemma's room. She was in there with a guy. Not just any guy. I was Skye. My boyfriend. She was kissing my boyfriend. Actually let's rephrase that. Gemma was practically having sex with my boyfriend right in front of me. But for some reason I don't think she knew I was with Skye. When Skye saw me he froze and started stuttering as my eyes filled with tears. The lump once again appeared in my throat and I struggled to swallow it back.

"This is not what it looks like" Skye tried to explain but I quickly stopped him. "You mean the fact that you're in bed with my best friends sister the day after asking me to be your girlfriend?! Care to explain that to me because I'm utterly confused!" the tears were now freely streaming down my face and I was shouting at full volume. The music from downstairs was still heard though. Then I remembered I had just basically done the same thing to him with a difference. I didn't get caught. I'm just as guilty in the act as he is.

I ran out before he could explain himself. I ran straight out of the house without even telling Andy. My emotions were all over the place. I knew I didn't love Skye. The only reason I agreed to be his girlfriend was to get over my feelings for Harry and I only realised that now. Harry is the one I love. I just hope he forgives me after tonight.

I raced to the park that I had just been in the night before for my date and sat on the bench where I struggle to get my breath back. I'm sure I look a right state right now.


"Why were you so sad mommy? Wh were you cwying?" my daughter asked upset by even the thought of me being sad.

"I loved your daddy but I didn't know if he loved me back. I thought we could never be together." I explained and she nodded understandingly. For a two year old she has some brains in that head of hers. She's always grown up faster than any other toddler I've seen.

"Daddy loves you now?" she asked confused. "I don't think so Darcy....I haven't seen daddy in a long time"


I buried my head in my hands and tried to clear my thoughts. Why can't I just have a normal fifteen year olds life. Why can't I just have two happily married parents, a brother or sister and a boyfriend who loves me? Instead I'm an only child with a dad who doesn't even care about me and a boyfriend who cheated on me with my best friends sister!

I think I sat there for at least an hour watching happy couples and children walking past feeding the ducks in the pond and playing on the swings. For a minute I thought I saw two people who looked a lot like Harry and I. I shook the thought out of my head but it felt so real. They were walking along the pond holding hands. The girl had her head snuggled into the boys chest and he had his arm around her waist. They were smiling and happy. Then they just disappeared. I'm going crazy...

I decided to go back home as I was only depressing myself even more. My dad should be home by now from his 'date'. I reached the house at eleven and the house was empty. I went straight to my room and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a corpse.

My hair was sticking up all over the place and my skin that was once perfect with foundation was covered in running mascara and had lost all of its colour. My skin looked as if it had lost all of it's blood.

I took off my make-up and clothes and climbed into the hot steamy shower to try and clear my thoughts. The only thought that popped not my head was of Harry. I couldn't stop thinking of him. I washed my hair and body with some coconut shampoo before jumping out into the bathroom. The cold air hit me immediately and I regretted getting out.

I wrapped a towel around my body and hair and walked back into my room. I checked my phone and there were at least thirty texts unopened on it.

Twenty-five were from Harry, four were from Andy and one from my dad. Nice to know Skye wanted to apologise...I honestly wasn't angry at Gemma. There's no way she would have done that if she knew Skye and I were together...would she?

I opened the one from my dad which said he wouldn't be home tonight. I think I have an idea as to why that is...


"What mommy?" Darcy asked confused as to what I meant.

"oh nothing baby I'll tell you when you're older" I had left out a few details from this story that I didn't exactly want my two year old hearing. I guess I forgot to leave that out....


I then looked at the ones from Andy they were all asking me where I was but one said that she had met someone a the party. At least someone's love life is going well. Wish I could say the same for myself..

I forced myself to look at Harry's text although I knew I would immediately regret it. At least twenty of them were him saying he was sorry for doing that and putting me in that position which I thought was extremely sweet of him. The other five were him saying sorry because he saw Skye leave with Gemma. He knew why I left. Thank god I don't have to explain it to him.

Just as I was about to put my phone down I got another text. It was once again from Harry.

Liv I'm so sorry about what happened. But I do know a way to make you feel better :) I'll be over in fifteen with ice-cream, chocolate, the Notebook and a box of tissues. Xxx

I smiled at the text he just sent. I truly have the best friend ever, I just wish I could have him as more....

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