Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


20. Shock...


Chapter 5:



Olivia's Point Of View

I had never felt so scared as I pulled into the car park of the hospital.

My heart was beating a mile a minute and the blood was throbbing around my head.

I couldn't have cancer. I just couldn't. Mum never mentioned anything about it being hereditary. No one did.

Thoughts of Darcy, my dad and everyone I cared about flashed through my head and for some reason, Harry was still one of the main thoughts in there.

"Olivia Howard?" The nurse at the front desk asked as soon as she saw me. Already I was worried at the fact that she knew who I was before I even said anything.

"Yes," I replied simply as I tried to sound as casual as possible.

"Dr. Morgan is waiting for you. Room 14A," she stated, pointing in the direction of the bright white hallway. I nodded lightly, gulping as I did so and started walking towards the room.

The smell of disinfectant began to get stronger the closer I came to the room I was searching for which only worried me more.

Finally I reached 14A and knocked nervously on the door leading to the room.

"Come in," a male voice echoed as I slowly creaked open the large white-washed door.

A small, grim looking man greeted me as I entered the room, modern technology practically taking over the small space.

"Take a seat Olivia," he told me, directing his hand towards a small leather arm chair.

When I had made myself comfortable, Dr.Morgan cleared his throat and repositioned himself in his seat.

It had only been two weeks since my check-up so I don't know why I was so shocked to get a call, I guess I was just nervous of the outcome. I never get called to the hospital. Ever.

"Well, I may as well just cut right to the chase. There's no point in keeping you waiting any longer," the doctor clasped his hands together and crossed one leg over the other. He seemed so casual about this and for all I know I could be dying.

Suddenly I felt like I couldn't breathe as he opened his mouth.

Harry's Point Of View

"Name of the child?" The nurse at the front desk asked as I get a firm grip on Darcy who was sitting nestled in my arms, holding her elbow as tight as she could, trying to keep the tears from falling any longer.

"Darcy.. " I hesitated as I wondered; did Olivia use my name for Darcy's last name? I decided against saying Styles and instead said, "Darcy Howard,"

"Oh.. It says here that Darcy's mother is already at the hospital."

Great. I don't even have time to explain myself to her.

But wait, why is Olivia here?

I felt myself tense up as I thought of the possible reasons that she could be here.

She couldn't be hurt. She couldn't be.

"Does it say why?" I asked anxiously as I hoisted Darcy further up in my arms. She was trying to be brave but I could tell she was in pain.

"She was called in for an emergency appointment. I'm not entitled to give out anymore information than that but a nurse is on her way to take you and Darcy to get checked on," she stated with no emotion in her voice as she spoke.

Thirty seconds later and Darcy and I were headed towards a doctors office.

"So what happened here missy?" Megan, as I saw from her name tag, asked Darcy in a baby voice and I couldn't help but smile. At least some people are happy.

At the moment I could be losing my daughter and I don't even know what's wrong with her mother.

"I.. I fell off the slide when the girls came up to daddy," Darcy managed to choke out Inbetween sniffles.

"Daddy?" Megan asked, confused as she looked at me. Knowing by the look on her face, I guessed that she was aware of who I was.

I didn't know what to say so I lied, "yeah she was with her dad at the time."

Darcy looked up at me, her eyebrows furrowed together, telling me that she didn't understand.

I pushed back a stray curl and cooed her.

"Right," the nurse replied, not sounding very convinced. I wasn't ready for anyone to know that I was a dad. Heck, I hadn't even accepted it myself yet. "Well let's take you inside to get you checked up ok?"

Darcy nodded enthusiastically and we made our way inside a children's hospital room. The walls were decorated with pictures of animals and different cartoons. There were also lots of toys and the carpet was brightly coloured. It was probably the only way to make a trip here any easier to withstand. Nobody ever wants to visit the children's ward.

Olivia's Point Of View

"No, no no that can't be right! You're wrong!" I shouted at the doctor as I slammed my hands on the desk. There had to have been a mistake. There just had to be.

"I'm afraid we don't make mistakes here Ms Howard. It's all here in black and white," he pointed towards a sheet of paper containing the results of my last check-up.

"But it was one night. This can't be happening to me. Not again," I said to myself more than anyone else. It was one night. One night where I could actually get a babysitter and go out with friends from work. I don't even remember his name.

"I'm sorry that this isn't what you wanted. But do know that there is always another option. I refuse to discuss it with you today though. Let the shock set in first," he gave me a reassuring smile that I could tell held no emotion whatsoever.

My life was ruined.

Not that it wasn't already. It had ended a long time ago.

I don't think I could cope. I barely have enough money to support Darcy and I.

Abortion is the only choice I have.

A tear spilt down my cheek as I realised the decision I would have to make.


As I was about to leave the hospital, several leaflets on teenage pregnancy in my hands, the same nurse from the front desk called me over.

"You're daughter was brought in by your.. Boyfriend earlier. She hurt her arm," the nurse stated simply, as if it was nothing.

That had down it for me.

That was enough for one day.

I'll kill Harry.

I'll kill him.

Harry's Point Of View

"She'll be fine. It was nothing to worry about. I guess you were just being overprotective of her," Megan smiled at Darcy as she continued to talk to me. "Just a little bruising was all. Pit this cream on it and it'll be gone in a few days," she handed me a tube of cream and I gratefully took it from her.

"Thanks so much," I told her appreciatively.

"Before you go, would you mind signing this for me? My niece is here at the moment and she loves you," a look of sadness spread over her ace for a second but she quickly pushed it away, handing me a picture of the boys and I.

I did as she asked but at the back of my mind I couldn't help but worry about Olivia.

It was like I was a psychic because at that moment, Olivia came storming into the room and I had honestly never seen her more angry. Not even around Holly.

"Harry Styles! What did you do to my daughter!" She practically ran over to Darcy, scooping her up in her arms immediately. "I trust you with her for one day. One Day! And you nearly kill her!"

"Mommy no! Stop shouting at daddy!" Darcy protested as she struggled in Olivia's arms.

"No Darcy, say goodbye to Harry. We're going home," it broke my heart as Olivia didn't even bother to say daddy.

Before I knew it, they were gone.

Sorry it's short! I really am so sorry! But hopefully you liked what was in the chapter? Maybe not.

But what do you think about Olivia? What do you think she'll do with the baby? What exactly do you think happened?

Let me know in the comments and like if you enjoyed it! :) xx
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