Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


17. Reunited...


Chapter 2.



"D-dad?" As soon as Darcy noticed my words her head popped up from what she was doing and her eyes widened. She most likely thought I was talking to her dad.

"Daddy?" Darcy practically squealed and there was a silence on the phone for a couple of seconds.

My dad knew about the baby. But that was all. He never heard her voice, saw a picture or even knew her name. It probably came as a shock to him to hear his grand-daughter in the background.

"Olivia?" He probably didn't think that I would answer the phone. I usually wouldn't but I guess it was a spur of the moment thing. I don't think I was concentrating on anything.

I nodded until I realised that he couldn't see me. "Uh...yeah. Can I ask why you're calling?" I didn't want to sound rude but he hadn't tried to make contact in two years. Why now?

"Well I have some news. Anne and I." He began and I already knew where this was going. Anne isn't a bad person but ever since her and my dad got together just her name has made my skin crawl. Plus it brought back all those memories. "We're getting married."

And there it is. "And what does this have to do with me?" I asked, probably sounding extremely rude again.

But what did he expect? For me to start shouting congratulations down the phone? I'm his daughter and he shut me completely out of his life.

"We want you...and the baby to come."

No way. No way. No way. If i'm going then that means he is and there is no way in hell is that happening.

"No." I replied bluntly. I looked over at Darcy who was staring intently at the phone in my hands. The look on her face was so desparate.

"Olivia it would mean so much to Anne and I. I want to see my grandchild." Seriously? He's going to pull that card on me? Really?

There was a silence once again as I thought it through. I wanted Olivia to meet him. I just wasn't ready to see him myself. I decided to ask the question that even my dad knew was coming.

"Is he going to be there?" My voice was weak, fragile and croaky.

"He wants to see you Olivia. He's a wreck. I trust you've seen the news?" Who hasn't! Harry Styles is the number one topic for gossip nowadays.

That still doesn't mean I want to see him, let alone go to a wedding with him.

"What's his or her name?" His voice had softened and I could hear him choking up on the end of the phone.

"Darcy." I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I looked at my daughter who still hadn't taken her gaze from where her Grandad's voice was coming from.

"Her name is Darcy!" Dad was shouting to someone from the other end of the phone. His voice was full of happiness and joy. "Sorry I was just telling Anne. Is she beautiful? What am I saying. If she's your daughter then i'm sure she is gorgeous!" He gushed and I felt a tear spill down my face.

I remained silent but had a smile on my face. "I'm so sorry Olivia. I was and still am a terrible father. I made so many mistakes and put everything else ahead of you. But i'm sure you are a wonderful mother and have obviously made a life for you and Darcy. I just want the chance to make it up to you. Come back to the old house. The wedding is in a week. Please." He genuinely sounded sorry. I shouldn't feel bad for him but I did. I glanced at Darcy's hopeful face one last time before I answered.

"We'll come." I replied with a smile and gave Darcy a look as if to tell her to be excited.Her face immediately lit up which made me smile more.

"That's great! We can't wait to see the both of you!" He gushed and we said our goodbyes before hanging up the phone.

What just happened?

I just gave my dad permission to come back into my life. Both of our lives. I also just bought myself a ticket straight into drama town.

Harry is going to be there.

"We're going to see daddy."


My hands were shaking as I drove around the corner, nearing the entrance to the estate where my old home was.

Darcy literally hadn't stopped talkign the whole way there about how her and daddy were going to go to the park, how they were going to go to the cinema and play with toys.

She was so excited. I just hoped she wasn't going to be disappointed.

My mouth was dry and I knew my face had paled as my car pulled into the driveway. Two years had passed. That was all and yet it felt like a lifetime since I had been there.

I noticed an expensive looking car next to where I was parked and immediately knew who it belonged to. My breath hitched and I tried my best to calm myself.

I climbed out of the car and started to help Darcy out of her car seat. I was so nervous. Words couldn't describe how anxious I was to see my dad and Anne. I couldn't even label the emotions that I was feeling concerning Harry.

"This is your old house Mommy?" She asked as she took in her surroundings. I carried her out of the car and gently placed her on the ground before fixing her curls so that they were in place.

"This is where mommy was talking about in the story." I smiled nervously at her as I looked around.

She shook my hands off her hair quickly enough though as the front door of the house opened revealing Anne and my father.

They couldn't have looked happier when they caught sight of Darcy.

She didn't know how to react. She looked happy but she didn't know whether to go over to them. Instead she ran behind me and grabbed onto my left leg, hiding from the two strangers.

Their gazes followed her until they met mine. "Olivia." Anne smiled as she approached me for a hug.

I reluctantly gave in and wrapped my arms around her. She looked the same. Her dark brown hair had lightened slightly but that was it. I let go after a minute and saw my dad was holding Darcy and tears were eminent on his cheeks.

Darcy looked overwhelmed by everything. In the course of two minutes, she had gained two family members. She had no idea she was about to meet another important person. The smile on her face had only grown and she seemed comfortable in her grandfathers arms.

"Let's go inside shall we?" Anne's words only made me more nervous than I already was. She obviously knew how I was feeling as she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight in hers.

"He's inside?" I assumed as I looked into her eyes. She simply nodded and I felt like I was going to collapse.

Darcy immediately ran through the front door, jumping around in excitement. I looked over at my dad who gave me an encouraging look.

As we met up with Darcy, she had paused in her spot and was completely silent. I tried to find where her stare was and found exactly who she was looking at.


"Daddy?" Darcy asked as she turned her head to look at me.

I couldn't speak so instead I nodded my head.


So what do you think? Will Harry be a good father? Will Olivia and him get along? What will happen at the wedding?

Let me know in the comments! :)

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