Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


4. Performing...

"Harry and Olivia" Mr.Whitmore called mine and Harry's name as we made our way to the top of the class.

Harry gripped my hand even tighter as we walked to where Mr.Whitmore's desk was. My heart was beating like crazy but Harry's touch seemed to comfort me.

We reached the top a little too quick for my liking and Harry took his guitar out of his case while I stood there awkwardly avoiding the classes intense gaze on us. I looked over Holly, Nicole and Megan aka the Blondes as I now call them because it's the least rude of my nicknames for them...They were all sniggering as usual and making sly jokes about how fat and ugly I am. I've started to just ignore every comment they make about me but that doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt.

After a couple of extremely awkward seconds Harry was ready to go and we could get ready to sing. He started strumming the chords gently on the auburn guitar and we soon started to sing.

White lips, pale face

Breathing in snowflakes

Burnt lungs, sour taste

Harry sang the first lines and my heart litteraly melted at the sound of his voice. It amazed me so much I nearly forgot I had to sing. I quickly recovered and began to sing my notes.

Light's gone, day's end

Struggling to pay rent

Long nights, strange men

We both sang the chorus harmonizing with each other in perfect rhythm while the whole class was silent. I started panicking thinking how much I must have ruined the song. I let Harry down....

After we both finished Harry put his guitar in his case and we went back to our seat. No-one had yet said a word. The teacher finally stood up and his eyes were wide with excitement.

"You two sang...absolutely amazing together." The teacher complimented us and I was shocked. I know he means Harry. He just doesn't want to hurt my feelings. "I think we all know our winners of this weeks project!" He bellowed and let's just say Holly wasn't so thrilled.


"Mommy and Daddy win?" Darcy asked looking excited at the thought of her mommy and daddy singing together.

"Yeah Darcy they did. Can you sing like Daddy?" I asked her and her eyes lit up. She nodded eagerly and started singing a few lines of a song she had heard on the radio before that she loves. You'd never believe what it was? One Thing. She seems to love every song that One Direction has brought out. She has no idea....

"Cause you got that One Thing!" Darcy screamed out and started giggling like mad. I smiled at her cuteness. "That was lovely Darcy! Are you going to be a singer like your..Are you going to be a singer when you're a big girl?" I asked my little girl.

"Yeah Mommy!" She squealed and I continued with the story.


"What do you mean?! Olivia ruined the whole performance! We should have won!" Holly started snapping at the teacher.

"Now now Ms.Brooks just because you didn't win doesn't mean you have to rain on everyone elses parade now sit down and get back to work!" Mr.Whitmore hit back at Holly and she looked utterly shot by what he said. I could feel her eyes digging into my soul as I took my seat next to Harry again. What is her problem with me? I mean it's not like i'm dating him! Right?

After we won the competition we were told we had to perform that same song in front of the whole school...nothing big right? Yeah nothing big about 800 teenagers right? Yeah right...

Luckily the performance wasn't until Monday morning. After school that day Harry dropped me home.

"You know you were really amazing today Liv" Harry said smiling at me as we arrived outside my house. I wish my house was further away from school right now...

"Oh stop! You were the reason we won!" I said laughing and shoved his shoulder playfully.

"Livvy i'm serious you have talent and I can't believe you don't see it!"

"Thanks Harry" I said genuinely and opened the car door to go to my house. "Oh wait!" Harry said as he grabbed my wrist.

"Yeah?" I replied as I looked into his big green eyes. "I...I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come to this party i'm throwing tomorrow night? At my house around eight?" Harry asked me nervously and I couldn't help but grin at him like an idiot.

"Can't wait" And with that I ran into the house.

I said hello to my dad quickly and went upstairs to check my phone. There was one from Skye so I opened it first.

From Skye:) :

Hey Livvy :)

Meet me at the park at six? xxx

I smiled at the text and then started panicking as I realised it was already five. I ran to the shower and washed myself as quick as possible. After my shower I started rummaging through my wardrobe in just my underwear to find the perfect outfit.

I settled on a collared peach dress with a braided brown leather belt that reaches just above my knee, a pair of brown brogues and I tied my hair in a ponytail and curled the ends. I then did my make-up very natural but still noticeable.

I actually finished early. I had fifteen minutes to walk to the park so I grabbed my brown leather purse, my jacket and my phone. I said goodbye to my dad and walked out the door.

It was a really nice evening for mid-october. The sun had just gone down and the cool air was really refreshing. I reached the park at exactly six and was soon met by Skye.

He was sitting on a picnic blanket in the middle of the park by the little pond. The blanket was surrounded by little tea light candles. On the blanket was a little picnic basket. Everything looked perfect.

Skye stood up the second he saw me and helped me over to the blanket where we both sat down.

"You look beautiful tonight Livvy" Skye said when we wre both settled. I literally couldn't stop smiling.

"Thank you Skye" I blushed as he smiled his big toothy smile at me.

We talked for a while and ate the picnic he made for us but after all that we decided to watch the stars.

"You know Livvy there was a reason I brought you here tonight..." I looked over and noticed he was nervously fiddling with his fingers.

"Yeah Skye?" I asked trying to help him out.

"I was wondering if maybe wanted to be my girlfriend?" He asked and I smiled like mad,

"Nothing would make me happier!" I exclaimed and he crashed his lips onto mine. I honestly wasn't expaecting that.

His lips felt rough against mine. It just didn't feel right. It's probably just because I haven't kissed him before. But is it bad that through the whole kiss I thought of one curly-haired boy with green eyes and not the boy in front of me. My boyfriend?

When our date was over Skye dropped my home and things just felt awkward between us. The whole car ride was silent apart from the radio on low. Skye had his hand on mine the whole time. It felt nothing like Harry's...

"Tonight was great Livvy. Thank you" Skye smiled lightly and opened the door for me.

"Yeah it was" I smiled fakely at him. Wow I haven't done that in a while. I then left the car and let myself in.

Everyone was in bed as it was twelve so I went straight to my room to tell Andy. I still wasn't sure whether to tell Harry yet. Would it ruin our friendship?

Hey Andy guess what?x

I sent the text and then went to tell Harry. I found his name in my contacts but my finger hovered over the call button for what seemed like forever. Why am I even worrying? It's not like Harry likes me anyway. We're just friends. After all that I pressed the green button and listened to the dial tone.

"Hello?" Harry's familiar friendly voice rung through my phone and it instantly made me feel happier.

"Hey it's Livvy" I said and I could tell he was smiling.

"Oh Hey Liv, what's up?" He said happily. I froze. How do I tell him. I haven't once talked about Skye apart from when I told him I met someone new...

"I uhm....Skye asked me to be his girlfriend today" I said nervously and smiled awkwardly although I knew he couldn't see me. It was more to reassure myself than anything else.

There was along silent pause that could kill. It felt like I was being stabbed the silence was that sharp...

"That's uhh...great Liv. I'm...i'm really happy for you" He said and I could sense some hurt in his voice. He's not upset over he? "Listen I have to go...set up for tomorrow but uh...i'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye" He said and hung up the phone. I listened to the beep that told me the phone was hung up for about ten minutes before I dropped the phone on my bed.

Why does my life have to be so complicated?!?

I groaned and buried my head in my pillow after putting my earphones in on the loudest volume. The most effective way to block out the world. The first song that came on seemed to match my situation perfectly....I'd Lie by Taylor Swift.

I don't think that passenger seat

Has ever looked this good to me

He tells me about his night

And I count the colors in his eyes

I listened carefully to the lyrics and wished they weren't true. I don't love Harry...I know I don't...

He'll never fall in love he swears

As he runs his fingers through his hair

I'm laughing 'cause I hope he's wrong

And I don't think it ever crossed his mind

He tells a joke I fake a smile

That I know all his favorite songs and

I could tell you his favorite colors green

He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth

His sister's beautiful, he has his father's eyes

And if you ask me if I love him, I'd lie

I fell asleep listening to that song...I really needed to keep my head clear for just tonight...

The next morning I woke up and texted Andy. I told her about Skye and even Harry. We agreed we would meet up before the party as she was inivted too to get ready.

Oh god. I just remembered about the party. Harry is going to be there.... I cleared my head of anything that could go wrong tonight and began to get dressed and go down to have breakfast.

"Morning dad" I mumbled as I walked over to the fridge to get some orange juice.

"Morning Livvy. Uhm...I'm going for dinner tonight with a co-worker so I won't be home. Will you be ok?" My dad informed me as I sat in ront of him at the island. Is my dad seriously going on a date? Of course i'm happy for him that he's getting over mom but a date?

"Yeah i'll be fine. Actually Harry invited me to a party" I struggled to hold back a blush as I mentioned Harry. Stop it Olivia! You have a boyfriend!

"That's good. You have something to do then. Ok well have a good day" My dad said as he got up and put his mug in the sink. He then left me alone in the kitchen. I've never been really close with my dad. We just never really bonded too well. It was mom I always went to for anything...


"Do you miss your mommy?" Darcy asked and I felt the tears threatening to fall once again. I nodded not able to speak with the lump forming in my throat.

Suddenly my baby daughter grabbed my neck and dug her head into my chest. It was the most comforting thing since Harry held me....

"Thank you baby" I smiled as she let go and snuggled back into the duvet.


A couple of hours later and Andy and I were ready for the party and I was shitting myself once again...

Andy drove her car over so she was able to drop us.

Andy was wearing a pair of dark wash denim shorts, a nude blouse and a black blazer with a pair of nude pumps. She looked really cute. She straightened her blonde bob and did her make-up beautifully with a gorgeous smoky eye. Andy looked great!

I decided to wear a peachy-orange blouse with a blue collar, a pair of tailored navy shorts, a brown feather necklace and my brogues again. I straightened my usually curly/wavy hair to perfection and Andy did my make-up to look really nice. (Picture of Olivia's outfit on side)

When we were both ready to go I was even more nervous. We got in the car and Andy started driving to Harry's house. "You'll be fine Livvy. Forget about Skye and Harry for one night. Enjoy Yourself!" Andy tried to reassure me. "You're right! This is my night!" I smiled to myself although that feeling of anxiousness was still in the pit of my stomach... _____________________________________________________________________________

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