Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


19. Paparazzi...


Chapter 4:



Harry's Point Of View:

"Where do you want to eat honey?" Darcy was balancing on my shoulders as we strolled out of the toy shop holding at least four different bags. I spoiled her to say the least. She's worth it though.

"McDonalds!" Surprisingly, no-one has spotted us yet. Well maybe they have but they're polite enough not to bombard on my day off. I wouldn't exactly care if a fan came up to me now but I wouldn't like it either.

"Anything you want Darcy." I smiled up at her and she started giggling like crazy.


All I want to do is ask her a million questions about growing up and then I remember she's only two. Darcy seems so mature for her age, just like her mother.

I hate myself so much for missing out on some of the most important years of my daughters life.

"Did mommy ever talk about me?" I ask as I tried to meet Darcy's gaze which wasn't really working because her face was stuck into her hamburger. I picked up a tissue and started wiping away the excess ketchup from her chin.

"She told me a story. It was about Olivia and Harry. They loved each other so they had me." As simple as she said it, that was the truth. I did love Olivia and she loved me. Of course I still love her now. That doesn't matter though.

I can't believe Liv even bothered talking about me. I thought she wanted to forget. Forget everything including me and everything to do with me. Why did she agree to come? It couldn't just be because of Darcy could it?

"That's right Darcy. You know how much I love you don't you? I'm sorry I haven't been around but you know I'm going to be with you as much as I can now. You can come and visit me all the time and meet your uncles too."

"Uncles?" Darcy's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and she couldn't have looked any cuter. I brushed her curls out of her eyes and she continued eating.

"Yeah, they can't wait to meet you! Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam. They're so excited for you to come visit!" I put a huge grin on my face to try and make her excited and of course it worked. Her dimples were nearly popping out of her cheeks. She looks so like Olivia but a lot like me too. She has the same skin, hair colour, lips and even nose as her.

"When do I get to see them daddy?!" She began jumping up and down in her seat and I couldn't help but get excited too. I couldn't wait for her to meet the lads. I knew they were going to love her, especially Louis.

"Very soon baby, very soon. I promise. We just have to see if mommy agrees." I placed my finger under her tiny chin and made her look at me. I then stuck my tongue out of her and she burst into uncontrollable laughter which I joined her in.

I hadn't felt so good in a long time.

Things had changed so much since I went on the X Factor. I went out drinking and partying every night. Having sex with anything that moved and not even once thinking about Olivia. I thought I was enjoy myself. I thought I had the dream life. Oh how I was wrong.

This is the life.

Olivia's Point Of View:

I couldn't have felt more nervous letting them leave the house.

All I could do was sit and think about everything that could go wrong as I sat on the leather sofa, tapping my hand repeatedly on my knee.

"Relax Livvy." My dad told me as he joined me on the couch. I smiled weakly at him but turned my stare back to the clock hand, which was moving slower than anything I had ever seen.

"What if he loses her? What if they get mobbed? What if she falls?" This was the first time I had ever left Darcy out of my sight. She was always with me no matter what. She even came to work with me.

"Darcy will be fine. I know Harry hasn't shown the most responsible side of him but I can assure you he will take care of his own daughter." Anne tried to reassure me as she too entered the room.

I let out a sigh of relief as I lay into the couch. Anne handed me a cup of tea which I gladly took but was interrupted by my phone ringing.

I stared confusedly at the unknown number but answered it anyway. Although I probably shouldn't have as the last time I did this it was my father.


"Good Afternoon Ms Howard. This is the cancer research department of The Royal London Hospital. We're going to need you to call into us as soon as possible. We have some urgent news."

My heart dropped and my breathing increased as the words registered in my head.

It couldn't be. No it wasn't possible.

The hospital where my mother was treated for cancer...

Harry's Point Of View:

"This is the best day ever daddy!" Darcy squealed as we reached the small playground next to the ducks pond.

I was still so suspicious about no one seeing us yet and I was constantly looking around for photographers and news reporters. They had been on my back so much lately and now nothing.

"Me too Darcy! Now what do you want to go on first?" I asked her as I looked around the idle park, searching for something suitable for Darcy to play on.

"Swings!" She shouted as loud as she could as she spotted the nearest swing set next to a roundabout and a rocking horse.

It felt so weird to bring a little girl out that I could call my daughter. For the last two years I had felt so distant towards any kids. I could barely go near Lux when the boys and I were left to look after her. All I could think of was my own.

But now I'm a dad.

I held Darcy's hand tightly as we made our way over to the set of swings. I placed her gently into the seat and began pushing her as she squealed at me for her to go higher.

After at least half an hour, Darcy finally decided she wanted to go on something else. I decided that I should probably call Olivia and tell her how we were.

"Be careful Darcy, just go on the slide for a minute while I go call mommy. She'll be worried about you." I eyed my daughter carefully as she climbed the slide, her tiny hands gripping each step as I dialled Olivia's familiar number into my phone.

Liv has always been a worrier and I wasn't about to take a chance in leaving her waiting.

As the dial tone rang, I noticed Darcy looking a little bit clumsy on the top of the slide. I was about to go over and help her when I heard my name being called a couple of times.

As I turned my head to the side, I immediately saw a group of teenage school girls running towards me. They all seemed to have just come out of school and seemed very excited to see me.

"Is that Harry styles?!"

"Oh my god it's Harry from One Direction!"

"AAAAAHHHHHHH it's Harry Styles!"

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by the girls and also a tonne of paparazzi but only one thought came to my mind.


I was trapped inbetween everyone and I couldn't even catch a glimpse of my baby girl.

"Who's the little girl Harry?"

"Is that your sister?"

"How's your break?"

"Do you think you're gonna get kicked out of One Direction for your behaviour recently?"

I ignored very single question being thrown at me as I desperately tried to reach Darcy.

Finally I managed to squeeze out of the crowd and saw that Darcy had fallen off the slide. She looked to be in a lot of pain as rivers of tears flew down her cheeks.

My heart literally broke into a million pieces at the sight of her.

Obviously the act that she was hurt didn't matter to the supposed 'fans' or the reporters. All they wanted was a picture.

"Get away from us! Can't you see she's hurt?" I had never lashed out on anyone throughout my whole career but they just didn't care.

I immediately scooped Darcy into my arms and started running out of the playground.

I ran to my car as Darcy cried in pain. As soon as I reached the car I reversed away from the fans and decided on going straight to the hospital.

"You're gonna be ok baby. Just a minute and we'll be there." Her left elbow was bleeding as I kept one hand resting firmly on it. Every time I asked her to move it, she couldn't and instead cried harder.

I had never been in a situation like it and I knew I had just failed my only chance of being with my daughter.
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