Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


16. News Stories...

Chapter 17

News Stories...

I lay wide awake in my bed that whole night. I couldn't manage to get a wink of sleep.

All that was running through my head was Harry.

The famous boy band member who just so happens to be my daughter's father.

Every now and then I would look over at Darcy, sleeping peacefully and all I would see is the similarities her and her dad share.

After the last time I told Harry goodbye I completely shut him out of my life. At the time I didn't want him to have anything to do with me or Darcy. I changed my number, deleted his, deleted my skype. I did everything to basically stop him from making any sort of contact.

I was angry. He was out partying, with other girls, getting drunk. He forgot about me and it looked like it actually took effort for him to even talk to me.

He didn't love me anymore.

I haven't seen Andy since school. I miss her. She was my only girl best friend.

I'm on my own now. Just Darcy and I.

I have just enough money to keep us both supported with my work but that's it. I can't spoil Darcy like I want to. I can't get her all the girly dresses little girls her age wear.

We live in a flat in London. A small, stuffy flat.

"Mommy." Darcy's green eyes slowly opened with a yawn, her messy brown curls everywhere. I chuckled lightly at the sight of her and brushed her hair from her face.

"Yeah baby?" I replied with a small smile. I started to pull myself out of the bed as Darcy sat up.

"When can I see daddy?" She asked, an innocent smile playing on her face as she lifted the duvet off of her and began trying to climb out of our bed which was at least ten times the size of her.

"Be careful!" I warned her as she stumbled after landing uneasily on the floor. Honestly I was trying to avoid answering her. I wasn't sure. I didn't want to go see him yet.

I wasn't ready.

She waddled over to me with a grin on her face revealing her dimples, Darcy was a good walker....just not in the morning...

"Do you want some breakfast Darcy?" I asked her curiously as she tried her best to reach the handle to my bedroom door unsuccessfully.

She nodded but had that stubborn look on her face as if she wanted to open the door herself. I sighed.

"You're just not tall enough yet sweetie." I told her trying to hold back a small laugh. She always scrunches up her nose when she's annoyed just like Harry used to.

"I want to be a big girl mommy!" She exclaimed and I shook my head as I lifted her into my arms.

"Trust me you don't." I thought to myself but didn't want to put a downer on my daughter's dreams. "You will very soon!" I assured her instead.

I opened the door and carried Darcy into our tiny kitchen, turning on the tiny cable television in the process.

I placed Darcy in her high-chair just as a voice started to emerge from the screen. "Harry Styles has been spotted leaving a club in downtown London with yet another mystery girl. The real question is will he ever settle down and concentrate on his music?"

I had been listening to the same type of story for weeks.

Harry has been showing up late to interviews, missing concerts, having to lip-sing, getting drunk every night and basically hooking up with every model in London.

He's a wreck and I know it. Fame has changed him.

I turned my head to the screen as did Darcy when a picture of Harry showed up. He didn't look anything like he did at sixteen.

At sixteen his eyes were bright, curls full of life, his dimples showing every time he smiled and he was just a happy person all the time. Now he looked like a shadow of his old self.

Hollowed out cheeks, flat hair, no brightness in his dark green eyes and he was extremely thin.

Darcy was always so fascinated whenever she saw One Direction on the T.V. She would always stop what she was doing immediately to see what was going on.

I ignored it as I made my way over to the kettle to boil some water.

"When can I see daddy?" Darcy asked me once again as she made herself comfortable in the seat. She was still in her pink stripy pyjamas as she wildly waggled her feet around.

At that moment the kettle made a high-ptiched whistle noise signalling the water was hot. I poured some into a mug with a tea bag and started to drink it as I thought of an excuse to tell her.


I handed Darcy her bottle which she refused to even pick up let alone drink. Instead she crossed her arms ignoring the milk completely.

My two-year old gave me an intense stare down as if begging me to answer her. I took another sip of my tea, not saying a word as yet another news clip including One Direction played on the T.V.

"One Direction are said to be taking a well desrved six week break after their tour. They completed a total of 48 out of 60 shows while performing in America, Canada and the UK. Some were cancelled due to bandmember Harry Styles' reckless behaviour."

I rolled my eyes at the news and sat down at the kitchen table.

I could feel Darcy's intense faze on me though and finally sighed in surrender. "Darcy...daddy's not well at the moment. He's got...a cold and needs some rest. I can't take you to see him yet." No all she looked was worried.


"Daddy is sick?" Her lower lip started to vibrate and I knew tears were on the way.

I could never stand to see her cry. It broke me to see her upset.

Just as I was about to comfort her my phone started to ring.

I looked at the number and instantly recognised it. My eyes widened in shock.


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