Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


9. Harry's POV

Chapter 9:

Harry's POV:


Harry's POV now:

I slumped in the dressing room sofa and did what I usually did before a show.

I sort of have a ritual by now. Every time we do a show as sort of a good luck charm I look at that photo and the other half of the locket.


She's in my head every second of every day and I messed up. God I messed up big time. My life has just gone downhill without her. Everything is bad and nothing cheers me up anymore. Not even singing.

I pulled the crumpled up photo of me and Liv out of my wallet and took the locket from my pocket.

The picture is of me and her. I took her to prom when we had just turned sixteen. It was the best night of my life. She looked so beautiful. How did I ever let her get away?

I gave her the other half of the locket that night too. It's a heart. One side says forever and the other says always. That was how long we said we would love each-other although now I doubt she remembers me...

And our child...

I never knew if it was a boy or a girl. She never told me or sent me a picture of them...

She shut me out of her life just like I deserved to be.

I felt the tears stream down my face but wiped them away quickly and shoved my belongings back in their right places.

"Harry we're on in five" Louis my best friend told me and gave me a sympathetic smile. He never knew why I always cried before the show nor did he even know what I was looking at. He didn't ask and that's how I liked it. He didn't want to know, he was just there for me.

I nodded and he left the room for me to clean myself up.

I'm going to admit that I'm a mess. I drink my troubles away and sleep with random girls every night. I don't take my career seriously anymore and the boys are the only reason I haven't left the band.

My life is ruined....

Because of that one girl who I still love with all my heart and secretly hope that she feels the same...although I know it's not true.

I always imagine Liv having a handsome husband who loves her and our child. Who spoils them rotten and always treats them right unlike the way I did.

Maybe she even had more kids and has a career. Maybe...just maybe...she still thinks about me too....

I pulled myself off the black leather sofa and and dragged my hands down my face to stop the tears from flowing. I look a mess too and the fans have noticed. They noticed how show after show I would get more and more tired, sad, depressed...

My curls are no longer bouncy and chocolate brown. Their lifeless and dull. My green eyes no longer light up when I smile or shine that piercing colour of green. I no longer wear my famous smirk that every girl loved and my dimples don't dent like they used to.

I'm a shadow of my old self.

The management and stylists try their best to at least make me look happy but make-up can only do so much...

I didn't dare look at myself in the mirror, instead I fixed my signature navy blazer so that it looked presentable and pulled up my tan chinos.

I shuffled to the door preparing myself for the screaming fans that I was going to hear on stage. I love the fans to bits and they're the only reason we're here today but sometimes I can't handle a girl screaming in my face how she 'wants my gravy'.

I opened the door and heard the muffled screams from the thousands of teenage girls just metres away from me. The hallway was dark and silenced apart from that which I needed then.

As I walked down that hall I could only hear my own footsteps. It seemed to go on forever. When I finally reached backstage a random crew worker handed me the microphone and I met up with my four best friends.

"You alright?" Zayn asked concerned as it was obvious I had been crying as usual. Another random person then came up to me and started covering my face in make-up. I let her work away. "I'm fine" I answered as she ran off.

The boys all gave me sympathetic looks which I hated. I hate sympathy especially from my friends. They don't even know why they're feeling sorry for me...

I don't plan on telling them why either...

I heard the video introducing us come on and the screams only amped up by a million. Our ear pieces were pushed in and we were ready to go on. The music to Na Na Na started and I had to fight the tears threatening to fall as I thought of same thing I think of before every show while I ran on stage with a fake grin spread across my face...

Olivia...My Olivia...

Olivia's POV:


"Do you want to go to sleep yet Darcy?" I asked the yawning toddler as she stretched her tanned little arms out from under the duvet

"Not yet mommy. I'm not tired!" she complained and I stroked her cheek.

"Ok but it's getting late. Bed time soon" I compromised with her and began to tell the story again.


I pulled myself into the steaming hot shower although I was falling asleep with every step I took. I pulled off my wrist band to see the two cuts on my lower arm.

It hurt like hell when the boiling hot water hit the now forming scabs. I winced at the pain but continued to try and wash it to stop it getting infected. I rubbed the shampoo into my scalp causing the suds to run down my arm straight into the cuts. I grabbed my wrist in pain and yelped. Hopefully I didn't scream too loud...

When I got out of the nice warm shower I realised how truly tired I was and decided I just couldn't bring myself to go to school.

I locked my door, pulled my curtains so I was in complete darkness and put in my headphones. I turned them on full volume and climbed into my cosy bed.

I didn't even sleep...not a wink. I just sat there in the pitch black listening to the lyrics flow into my head of Unbroken by Demi Lovato. I tried to think of anything but Harry...anything but him. I can't love him....

All that was popping into my head was his curly hair, green eyes and perfect dimples that I'm pretty sure I fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on him...

Stop it Olivia! You don't love him! He loves that girl he was snogging yesterday! Not you! I winced as I thought of the sight I saw yesterday. I only saw her from the side but I could already tell how pretty she was.

Gorgeous golden blonde hair, perfect light skin with a few sun kissed freckles on her cheeks, pink full lips and blue eyes. Basically the opposite of me.

I have wavy brown hair, weird dark skin, no cute freckles, thin lips and dull green eyes. I'm nothing compared to her.

No wonder Harry got over me so fast. I'm not hard to forget...

Maybe he regrets it? Maybe he's sorry? Maybe he still likes me? Maybe just maybe....

I'm pretty sure I sat there for hours thinking just of him and the few memories we've shared together....

I lay there until the darkness of my room was overtaken by sunlight. The door creaked open but I refused to look and see who it was. My eyes widened at the voice I heard.

"Olivia..." he called me Olivia...not Liv... "Can we please talk?" he pleaded with me softly.

"No" I croaked out bluntly and turned to face the wall.

"I'm begging you. Please just hear me out"

"What exactly do you want to say Harry?" I sat up and looked at him growing more and more annoyed. He didn't look his usual self. He looked like he hadn't slept. He still didn't look half as bad as me though. "You want to brag about your new girlfriend? Tell me how you got over me so fast and didn't even care that I actually like you?! That I actually have feelings for you but I can't..." I trailed off at the end although the fury was still very much alive inside of me.

"You have feelings for me..." he said softly and I finally turned to look at him properly in the eyes. No matter how tired or sad, his eyes never fail to sparkle...

I didn't answer instead I buried my head under the duvet and screamed into my pillow. It probably sounded muffled though. "Look Georgia means nothing to me. She came onto me. Holly told her I liked her and I don't. I swear to you." I knew Holly had something to do with this...of course she does.

I lifted my head off the pillow and look at him. He had a look of sincerity on his face and I knew I should believe him. "Do you forgive me...?" he asked putting on his puppy dog eyes.

"Come here" I gestured for him to come over to my bed and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close. The familiar 'Harry' scent overwhelmed me as usual and I didn't want to let go. He immediately hugged back and we stayed like that for at least five minutes. "So you have feelings for me?" Harry asked with a smirk spread across his face as he pulled away.

"I don't know what you're talking about" I folded my arms like I was oblivious to what he was referring to.

"oh you know exactly what I'm talking about" His smirk spread further across his face. There was a silence before he started leaning in. Oh no. Not again. Oh what am I saying I can't deny this any longer.

I leaned in to meet him and our lips brushed...

My breath hitched and my heart beat became unsteady as we touched...

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