Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


18. Harry, Meet Your Daughter

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Chapter 3:

Harry, Meet Your Daughter


I couldn't speak as I looked at the boy standing in front of me.

He looked exactly as he did on the t.v. only worse. His face was even paler, cheeks even more hollowed out and curls even more limp.

He looked just as speechless as I was. We both knew we would see each-other. I just don't think we expected it to actually happen.

After a couple of seconds, Harry finally took his gaze from mine and looked down at his daughter.

A huge smile took over his face and tears started to well in his eyes.

When Darcy realised he was looking at her, it didn't take a second for her to run over and wrap her small arms around his legs.

Harry immediately reacted by scooping her up into his arms and cradling her near his chest.

Even I couldn't stop the tears from flowing down my face as I watched the father and daughter together for the first time.

I quickly wiped them away as I looked at Harry who was gently stroking Darcy's wild curls. None of us had said a word yet we didn't need to.

No words were needed to be said.

"Her name is Darcy." I told him, although ym voice was probably barely heard.

Harry looked at me for a moment and then back at the little girl in his arms.

When he finally placed her down, he didn't stop looking at her.

"Come on Darcy, let's go make some cookies ok?" Anne asked Darcy as she reached out for her little hand.

"Ok!" Darcy piped as she looked at Harry once more and grinned widely.

"Liv." Harry spoke quietly and softly when we were left alone. His voice was cracked and hoarse as he stepped nearer to me. "I'm so sorry."

"Save it Harry. The only reason i'm here is for Darcy. She needs her father and unfortunately for her, you're him." I told him bluntly as I tried to keep any emotion from making its way onto my face.

"Liv please, I messed up. I've been messing up for the past two years! I made too many mistakes and I know you won't forgive me no matter how hard I try but i'm sorry."

"Well it's too late for that. Two years Harry. I had to drop out of school, I never got to go to college, i'm stuck in a run down apartment and I have had to raise our daughter on my own." I stayed calm as best I could and managed to take deep breaths as I spoke. "I gave up my life because you decided to go and life your life of fame, grinding up on other girls and partying every night!"

He opened his mouth to speak but it seemed as though no words were coming out.

"I can change Liv."

"Well how about you start with spending time with your daughter, Harry." I practically spat at him as I turned around and made my way into the kitchen.

Delilah was standing on a chair in front of the counter stirring some batter to make cookies as she giggled like a maniac. I couldn't help but smile at how she was having such a good time.

She immediately jumped off the chair when she saw me and ran over to me, grabbing my hand and grabbing the person behind me. Harry.

She pulled the two of us over to the bowl and started stirring it again.

"Mommy, daddy, look what I made!" She gushed showing the two of us and I grinned at her before turning to look at Harry who was smiling wider than I had ever seen him, a look of pride spread across his face.

"I'll leave you two alone for a little while." I managed to squeee out a light smile and turned around, leaving the kitchen to get our stuff from my car.

Harry's Point Of View

She's so beautiful.

Both of them are so beautiful.

It hurts me to think how much of Darcy's life i've missed.

I thought of her everyday and I didn't even know her name.

Now that i'm with my daughter i'm determined never to let her go.

I'm going to spend as much of these six weeks as possible with her.

"How about we go to the toy store and get some ice-cream, ay?" I gushed at the curly-haired, green-eyed toddler in front of me. Her eyes widened and a huge smile arose on her face as she began to jump up and down in excitement.

"Can we go to the playground too daddy?!" When she used the word daddy, it just made my heart melt. I grinned widely at her before nodding and taking her tiny hand in mine.

"Of course we can, we just have to see if mommy will let us ok?" I asked her and she nodded eagerly jumping up and down with excitement.

I just hope Olivia agrees. She's got to understand that I need time alone with my daughter right?

Olivia walked through the front door holding two large bags and dropped them in the hall, looking at the two of us, obviously waiting for an answer.

"I uhm...was going to bring Darcy out. But only if that's ok with you." I told her with hopeful eyes as I lifted Darcy up and held her against my chest.

Olivia's face remained stern and contained no emotion as she thought about whether to let us go or not.

"I don't know Harry," her voice softened a little but she didn't look sure. "We just got here, she's probably tired, are you tired baby?" Her gaze was pointed at Darcy as she offered her a slight smile and rubbed her cheek.

"I'm not tired mommy, I promise!"

I looked at Olivia once more with pleading eyes as did Darcy.

"I swear Harry, if she comes home with so much as a scratch on her, you'll have me to deal with!" Olivia warned with a stern finger pointed in my direction.

"I promise she'll be fine, won't you Darcy?" I asked her as I looked down at her smiling face.

"Yeah let's go!"

"Be home soon, her bed time is seven!" Olivia shouted as we headed out the door without a care in the world.

Time to finally have some time with my daughter and I'm determined not to screw up.

Well that's what I thought anyway...

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