Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


11. First Date...

Chapter 11:

First Date...


He opened the car door for me like the gentleman he is and I even saw him check me out and of course he blushed when he saw I had caught him in the act.

"So do you plan on telling me where we're going?" I asked him raising my eyebrows as we reversed out of my drive way. He smirked and I knew I wasn't getting told any time soon.

"Who do you think I am Liv?" He said with a smirk and I rolled my eyes at him. "You're so cute when you roll your eyes" He complimented and I couldn't hide the grin on my face.

This is really happening. Harry is taking me on a date.

The car ride to our mystery date as filled with cut conversations and some comfortable silences where Harry just hah his hand placed over mine like a puzzle piece. Everything felt right.

It took about half an hour before we arrived at the beach.

I looked over at Harry and he was smiling at me as he parked directly on front of the sea.

"How do you feel about a picnic on the beach Ms.Howard?" Harry said as he held his hand out to hold mine. I gladly took it and he helped me out of the car.

"Nothing could please me more Mr.Styles" I replied cheekily and shot him a quick wink.

Harry then went to the boot and took out a picnic basket before meeting me again and entangling his fingers in mine. Those same sparks were there as always and I couldn't have felt happier. His touch instantly warmed me up.

It wasn't like most days at the beach where the wind is blowing your hair in all directions. Instead the breeze was light and calm just gently cooling us with the smell of the sea water.

We stayed where the sand was soft and Harry laid out a picnic blanket. The sun was about to set and the sight couldn't have been more beautiful. I just sat there and stared at the view in front of me.

"It's beautiful isn't it..." I said in amazement not taking my eyes off the sky and the sea.

"And so are you.." Harry replied and I could feel myself blush. "You ready for some food?" I could hear the sea gulls fly above in the sky as Harry began to take some food from the basket.

"Sure" I replied smiling at him as he very cutely tried to serve up some pasta salad in little bowls he brought with him.

"Thank you" I said as he handed me a little red plastic bowl full of pasta and a cup full of sparkling water. Pasta salad is one of my most favourite dishes in the world and the fact that Harry knows that warms my heart.

After quickly eating up our food (i tried to be slow but I hadn't eaten all day) Harry took my head and pulled me down the beach. I just about had enough time to pull off my shoes before I was being thrown over Harry's shoulder and he ran into the water with me.

"Stop it! Let me down" I shouted through laughs although I really couldn't stay serious.

"Not a chance Liv" Harry said and I could just feel him smirking.

Luckily we didn't go too deep and I didn't get my clothes soaked...that s until a cetain curly-haired green-eyed boy decided to have splash war...I wonder who that was?

"Harry stop!" I replied in fits of laughter as I tried to get him back.

Twenty minutes later we were both soaked to the skin and shivering like I don't know what.

Harry carried me bridal styles back to the blanket and wrapped us both in it. I instantly felt warmer.

The sun had now set completely and we were left to look at the beautiful clear sky filled with just the moon and the stars....

"Tonight was amazing Harry...thank you" I told him as we lay in each-others arms looking up at the night sky above us. Everything was perfect. I turned to look at him and saw he wasn't looking at the beauty in the sky...instead at me.

My gaze locked with his and within seconds we were both leaning in for our third kiss to share with each-other.

His rugged yet soft lips crushed against mine leaving me wanting more. I brushed mine against his and we soon felt comfortable to the touch. After a couple of seconds Harry's tongue swiped my bottom lip begging for entry. I immediately gave in and opened my mouth.

Things started to get heated from there on. My hands tangled in his curly locks and his arms going lower and lower down my waist.

I soon placed my body hovering over his and began trying to take his shirt off but he quickly stopped me.

"Not yet..." He protested out of breath but I didn't feel at all rejected.

He actually cares about me...he doesn't want me to do it so soon.

"I understand" I replied with a genuine smile on my face.

After another hour of cuddling and talking under the stars, Harry decided to drop me home.

We gathered up our rubbish remains and piled into the car, his hand never once leaving mine. I couldn't possibly wish for a better secret boyfriend...I just wish he didn't have to be a secret around my family or his...

Everything was fine until I stepped into the car...I had this weird feeling...something I couldn't explain. It was a dark feeling that I knew wasn't good and yet I couldn't put my finger in it nor figure out what it meant.

It was like an icy shiver up my spine. Something bad is going to happen.

I think Harry felt me tense up as he squeezed my hand and tried to llok into my eyes for reassurance that I was alright. "Are you ok love?" He asked me concern in his eyes and I nodded. I lied. I'm totally not ok...something is definitely wrong.

He started the car and it felt like a fork scratching a plate. Spine-tingling...

We had pulled out of the beach and the feeling still hadn't left me.

"Are you sure you're ok seem stressed?" He said and I could tell he was getting worried. I didn't know whether to tell him or not...he'll think i'm crazy...

"I'm just uh...not feeling very well right now" I repliede hesitantly but he didn't look convinced so I avoided his gaze.

"It's just a little while until we're home. You''l be home soon"


We were on the motorway when the feeling intensed...

Do you ever get that feeling where you realise how much you love the people around you? I felt that at that moment and I felt like I was about to collapse from all the negative feelings I was having...

I rolled down the window for air as we reached the intersection. The lights went green and Harry began to drive.

I breathed in the fresh air but I didn't feel better.

Suddenly I heard blaring music and shouting...then numbing pain in my left side before everything went black....

The last thing I heard was Harry's sweet voice....

"I love you Olivia..."


I didn't even realise I was crying as I recalled the memory of that night. It was one of the best and worst nights of my life...I almost died...and yet I spent it with someone I love...I mean loved...

Darcy was obviously upset too as I could see her lower lip quivering.

She wrapped her arms around me. "Mommy are you ok?" She asked me and I nodded into her brown curly ringlets. I placed my hand on the back of her head and just held my daughter in my arms...

You don't realise how much you have until you've lost it....


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