Danny O'Donoghue

A while ago Bliss magazine did a competition where you wrote about your favorite celebrity. Anyway this was mine. I did not win, but I decided to put it on anyway.

If you happened to enter this yourself, regardless if you won or not, can you tell me? I would love to read your entry too!

Well thanks a lot. x

I do not have a celebrity crush on him anymore, but I did when I wrote it! Lol, I must of matured since then ;)


1. My Danny

He is looking at me... Eyes trained on me alone. They follow me as I move through the room, so I smile flirtatiously and bat my eyelashes. At the last moment I turn away, still feeling his eyes upon me. Other girls can dream of him and adore him, but I don't care because he only has eyes for me. 

Danny O'Donoghue stares at me wherever I go; his eyes are so intent and familiar I would feel alone without them.  I brush my glossy dark hair, tossing it over my shoulder whenever I see him looking. When I catch his eye he looks at the floor turning pink, like a boy caught stealing sweets. I laugh, being sure to suck in my stomach to throw any womanly figure I might possess into greater relief. As I finish getting ready I start to sing. I have the voice of an angel ( he has told me so himself! ). We're planning to release a single,a duet, it will make music history!  I sing for him all the time and he sings in response. He wrote a song all about me. He is thoughtful, kind and beautiful.  Anybody who says otherwise does not know him! I do, I know him, and he knows me. We're in love.  As I sing my last note I stand on tiptoe to kiss my beloved poster. " Later my love!" I whisper, as I sweep down stairs humming tunelessly, my beautiful voice and hair gone.  Another part of my fantasies locked away for just one man to hear.  The thing is, he never will... Except at night as I close my eyes, that's when my voice, confidence and above all, my Danny I return to. He never leaves me, he is my man who cant be moved...
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