the black of night

blurb: 14 year old sydney lives on the streets, she is an orphan and is starving. she finally believes she has been rescued when 15 year old callum comes onto the scene, but does he really want to save her, is there an ulterior motive and will sydney survive the black of night...


1. suicide

There it was again, the howl of a wolf upon a hill somewhere, sydney sighed heavily and laid back down on the rotting wood in the dockyard. it was only 4pm but the sun was already sinking below the horizen, this was it another night of starvation, hunger and for the 100th time in the last ten minutes sydney wished she had parents, to love her and care for her, but no that was only a dream and in reality she was a thin, hungry orphan with nobody to love her.

The only possession sydney had was a small razor blade she found washed up on the path, she turned it over and over in her hands admiring the glasslike texture, suddenly she stopped and looked at the blade like it had just saved her, she moved it towards her stomach...

she wouldn't,

she couldn't...

but she did,

slash, sydney did not even feel it when suddenly out came a torrent of blood.

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