Fire and Water

Elliot and Supriya are the best of friends, but is friendship stronger than evil..?

When evil forces take over Damodan Island, forces give Elliot the power of fire, and Supriya the power of water, therefore making them natural-born enemies. Elliot and Supriya must battle in order for the spirits to leave, but one of them must suffer and die. Will friendship find it's way, or will it cower against darkness forevermore? Read to find out!


1. Before All That...

Elliot's P.O.V


Bzzt! Bzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzz- The sound of my alarm clock. I reach out to the wooden desk beside me. It's 7:31 AM on a Monday morning and it's school. I throw my head back onto my blue football-covered pillow at hearing the noise of Poppie and Rosie, my two three-year old sisters, who are as annoying as hell. I'm twelve years older than them, which is so bloody annoying. My shaggy, dirty blonde hair is still in a neat form. Yes! I want everything to be perfect for my date with Supriya, the lovely five foot golden goddess with golden curly hair and crystal blue eyes, who is the most popular girl in the school. 


"ELLIOT! GET YOUR ASS DOWNSTAIRS NOW!" calls my older sister Avon, who thinks she rules this house. Since our parents are in England for the year on holiday, they left Avon in charge. They thought she was responsible, but she hates my guts. I grab one of my white shirts and pull on a pair of jeans, and jump on the banister and slide down.


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