As Long As You Love Me

This is a fanifc about Justin Bieber for the Justin Bieber fanfic contest, please rate comment and enjoy!

This story is about a girl named Allegra and she has been waiting to go to a Justin Bieber concert ever since he he became famous, but she has never had enough money. She lived on her own because both of her parents died in a car accident. What will happen when she goes backstage to meet him, will it change her life?


5. The "Date"


*Allegra's POV*

I wasn't sure what to wear to his house because even though it was only at his house and not a fancy restaurant, I didn't want to get under dressed or too dressed up. I decided to wear a fancy but casual day dress, I also loved the way it looked on me.

*Justin's POV*

I wanted to dress nice for when Allegra came over, but I didn't want to go over the top and dress all fancy, but i decided to wear button up shirt with some jeans. For our brunch I made blue berry muffins 

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