As Long As You Love Me

This is a fanifc about Justin Bieber for the Justin Bieber fanfic contest, please rate comment and enjoy!

This story is about a girl named Allegra and she has been waiting to go to a Justin Bieber concert ever since he he became famous, but she has never had enough money. She lived on her own because both of her parents died in a car accident. What will happen when she goes backstage to meet him, will it change her life?


4. The Call

*The Next Morning*

Justin's POV
I was waiting for a text or a call for hours, I regret just giving her my number without asking her for hers, cause if I did I would have called her hours ago. It's already 2:00 P.M. and if she doesn't call soon, then *ring, ring* oh my gosh was it her, was she really calling me? I looked at my brand new iPhone 5 and the number was unknown so it was probably her, I picked up and tried to be all cool about it so i just said hi in a chill voice. Umm hi is this Justin? Allegra said in sweet voice. Ermm, yes this is Justin. Hi Justin this is Allegra, the girl from the meet and greet. Oh hi Allegra, and yea I definitely remember you from the meet and greet I have been waiting for your call, I said in a giggle. Now that I sound that aloud I realized it sounded better in my head. "So Allegra, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over to my place and we can have lunch." "Yea sure, where do you live." I live at 8989 liveway road, and you can come in about an hour. "Okay see you then, bye." "Bye."
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